‘Big Brother: Over the Top’ Spoilers: Whose Votes Will Shelby Nullify, Who Will America Vote To Evict, Has Whitney Totally Turned On Her Alliance?

Allegiances are crumbling, houseguests are worried, and an eviction is looming in the Big Brother: Over the Top game, all of which is being streamed on live feeds 24-hours a day. At present, cast mates are unsure about who they can trust and are questioning the loyalty of everyone, including their own alliance members.

Wednesday night is the next live eviction, but prior to it taking place, Shelby Stockton will be tasked with nullifying the eviction votes of three cast members. Shelby gained this advantage by being chosen by viewers to be the recipient of the BBOTT America’s Care Package in week five. Because Shelby is one of the three nominees on the block, she will surely make her decision solely with her own safety in mind.

The week five Head of Household (HOH), Danielle Lickey, nominated Shelby and Whitney Hogg for eviction, however, America voted for Scott Dennis to be in jeopardy with them. Danielle won the Power of Veto (POV) and saved Whitney, using Morgan Willett as a replacement nominee.

Because they are not part of her alliance, Shelby will probably choose to nullify the eviction votes of Big Brother returning player Jason Roy, Justin Duncan, and Kryssie Ridolfi.

This will leave the week five eviction in the hands of Alex Willett, who will presumably vote to get rid of Scott because Morgan is her sister (no one in the house is aware they are siblings), and Whitney, who will probably vote for Scott as well.

Nevertheless, Whitney has been getting closer to the other side of the house, so if she voted for Morgan to leave, a tie vote would result. In that case, Danielle would be forced to break the tie and decide who would go home. Although Danielle has her eye on Scott as a target, she could potentially shake things up if she sent Morgan out the Big Brother: Over the Top front door.

As far as America’s Eviction Vote, several Internet polls indicate which houseguest viewers want to leave the game. At press, Joker’s Updates had Scott as a frontrunner, with a 60 percent chance of being evicted, Morgan is second at 34 percent, and pollsters rank Shelby with only a four percent chance of going home.

Big Brother Network’s poll predicts a similar outcome, as Scott’s chance of being evicted, according to pollsters, is about 67 percent, Morgan is at around 27 percent, and Shelby has about a six percent chance of walking out the Big Brother: Over the Top front door Wednesday night.

Another big change in the Big Brother: Over the Top house is the way in which Whitney has been cozying up to the Late Night Jamboree (LNJ) alliance, seeming to forego her relationship with Alex, Morgan, and Shelby, dubbed the Ball Smashers (BS).

According to Joker’s Updates, late in the evening, Shelby walked past some members of the LNJ. Justin, who seems to have nothing but disdain for her, made a comment questioning Shelby being cast on Big Brother: Over the Top. Justin said something indicating there are many more beautiful women that could have been cast in her place. Kryssie agreed with Justin, saying she understood what he was saying and couldn’t comprehend why Shelby was cast on the show either.

Viewers of Big Brother: Over the Top realize such banter is not unusual for LNJ members, but Whitney was present during this entire discourse and said nothing to defend Shelby, who she had some allegiance to.

At one point, Justin commented Shelby doesn’t have a chance, with Jason asking, “In life or in this game?” According to Joker’s Updates, both Justin and Kryssie answered with, “Both.” What the houseguests don’t know about Shelby is that she is only pretending to be a waitress because she didn’t want to reveal her true career path.

Although the LNJ are certain Shelby has no intelligence and has very few goals in life, she is a recent law school graduate who has already taken the bar exam and is simply waiting for her test results to obtain her license to practice law. Obviously, Shelby is doing a very good job of pulling the wool over the eyes of all of her fellow cast members, convincing them she is not as sharp as she truly is.

Whatever the case, Whitney appears to be moving more and more to the LNJ side of the Big Brother: Over the Top house. She also joined in with the LNJ, bashing one of their own alliance members after Justin noted that he was getting close to Danielle the first night in the game, but she decided to latch on to evicted houseguest Shane Chapman. In response, Whitney called Danielle a “slut,” according to Joker’s Updates.

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