Sam Smith And Adam Lambert Collaboration: What’s Known So Far

Sam Smith and Adam Lambert are rumored to be recording new music together, according to Master Herald. The “Latch” singer and Lambert, who are best pals, are reportedly spending some time in a music studio and possibly working on a music collaboration.

If the reports are accurate and Sam Smith and Lambert are indeed recording new music together, it would be a big win for the LGBT community, as both the “I’m Not the Only One” singer and the “Ghost Town” singer are openly gay.

In fact, a collaboration between Sam Smith and Lambert would be warmly accepted by music enthusiasts, because both singers are equally respected and loved around the world. Given the style both musicians work with, it’s likely that their collaboration would be emotionally-driven and would blend their beautiful voices into one amazing track.

The rumor originated when Sam Smith and Lambert were spotted together touring in London. The “Ghost Town” singer was reportedly in London to work on his new album, and at the time when he shared an Instagram photo of himself and Smith, he is believed to have been working on new music material.

So it wouldn’t be something out of the extraordinary to suggest that Sam Smith and Lambert are indeed working on new music together. Both Smith and Lambert’s fans will be excitedly waiting for the official confirmation.


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Sam Smith is expected to release a follow-up album to his In The Lonely Hour later this year. Just recently, the “Latch” singer shared that he is working even harder on his upcoming album compared to his debut and the only album, In The Lonely Hour, which was released over two years ago.

While Sam Smith’s debut album’s primary focus was breakup and heartbreak, the singer revealed that he is going even deeper into his emotions on his upcoming album.

In an Instagram video shared by Adam Lambert recently, he is seen with Sam Smith riding around London and goofing around. The video starts with two singers staring at the camera and then the “Ghost Town” singer says “London town” in a funny British accent.

In the video, Sam Smith also suggests a new hashtag “Rickshaw vibes,” which could actually gain traction on social media.

In other news, Sam Smith had such a cute baby face seven years ago, according to the Daily Mail. The 24-year-old Grammy winner’s baby face has just emerged in a previously unseen footage.

Apparently, Sam Smith is fun to have around in a music studio. In the footage, a man behind the camera is heard asking the “Writing’s On the Wall” singer to wink at the camera. It really does look hilarious because at first Smith looked quite overwhelmed standing in front of the lens, but then as the director gave him directions, the singer loosened up.

The director also asks Sam Smith to give a cheeky wink to the camera and the singer nails that wink perfectly.

In March this year, Smith won an Oscar for his song “Writing’s On the Wall” from the James Bond Spectre soundtrack, but it was his acceptance speech that made headlines.

When Sam Smith came onstage to accept his well-deserved Academy Award trophy, he revealed he had read an article by famous actor Sir Ian McKellen, in which he said no openly gay man had ever won an Oscar.

So Sam Smith was more than happy to become the first openly gay man to receive an Academy Award.

“I want to dedicate this to the LGBT community all around the world. I stand here tonight as a proud gay man, and I hope we can all stand together as equals one day.”

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