Vicki Gunvalson’s Daughter Briana Culberson Diagnosed With Lupus

Vicki Gunvalson’s daughter, Briana Culberson, has been diagnosed with lupus and the news was revealed in the last episode of Season 11 of The Real House Wives Of Orange County.

Briana’s poor health has been an ongoing issue and the lupus diagnosis is a huge blow to her, Vicki Gunvalson, and the rest of the family, including the cast of the TV show. The news about the diagnosis was revealed during the season finale just before the credits rolled during the updates about each of the cast members.

“Briana has been diagnosed with Lupus. Her husband, Ryan, is still stuck in Oklahoma,” revealed the message.

Briana Culberson’s health condition has been wanting for quite a long time. Earlier in the season, Briana had to move back to California closer to her mother Vicki after she had leg surgery. Briana who is also a mother of two, previously had to go through numerous surgeries such as the removal of her enlarged lymph nodes. In 2011, Briana went through thyroid surgery to remove numerous tumors that were the size of grapes.

The surgery did not go as expected and her entire thyroid had to be removed along with lymph nodes and some nodules. In 2015, she went through a biopsy and was found to be cancer-free. She also visited the Mayo clinic a few times for further diagnosis to try and determine the root to her health complications.

Vicki Gunvalson has been very concerned about her daughter’s health condition and she has also been very open about it. Back in July, she was in an interview with Entertainment Tonight where she stated that Briana had been misdiagnosed and that is why the answers were not quickly forthcoming.

“Two things: you don’t mess with my family, you don’t mess with my money. My family is my everything, and I’m gonna find this doctor. He was going to kill my daughter. So, when I do find him, I’ll probably pull him up against a wall and tell him what I think of him,” stated Vicki at the ET interview.

Culberson has been featured on all the 11 seasons of The Real House Wives Of Orange County. During the season finale episode which was aired on Monday, fans got a sneak peek at her Orange County home which was going through some renovation. Vicki had decided to assist her without asking whether she needed help or not. In one of her statements, Briana revealed that her mom had been constantly involved in her new house. She also stated that she wished Vicki would just let her do things on her own regardless of whether she made a mistake or not. Vicki is clearly determined to help her daughter get through the health problems which seem to be constantly haunting her. In a July episode, Briana had to be rushed to hospital after experiencing breathing problems at a gas station.

Vicki Gunvalson daughter Briana Culberson
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Briana’s deteriorating health has been a constant source of worry for Vicki. For a long time, she has felt as if she failed as a mother because she could not help her daughter overcome the health problems. Vicki has also been questioning whether she did the right thing by taking her daughter out of Oklahoma. In one of the RHOC episodes, Vicki broke into tears after seeing her daughter suffer so much. She just couldn’t understand why her daughter kept getting sick.

The latest diagnosis has, however, been received as a glimmer of hope. Doctors could not pinpoint the cause of her illnesses in the past. Vicki also stated that Briana will most likely be very happy that doctors have finally issued a correct diagnosis that lupus has been the source of her illness.