WWE News: WWE Superstars Kevin Owens And Chris Jericho To Split Heading Into December

Sometimes best friends cannot stay best friends, and in the case of WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho, the end is coming. Both Owens and Jericho have been best buds for quite some time now, pretty much around the time Owens won the Universal Title. Well, since it was handed to him by Triple H to be fair.

It is interesting that Jericho has stood by Owens mostly during that time. However, the two did share a bond months back when they teamed with each other on WWE SmackDown before the brand split took place. They seemed to stay on each other’s side since but began to totally become major allies recently, which many figured had to be due to the title that Jericho has never held.

Jericho has clearly been able to get over well in his promos and with his new gimmick and catchphrase. Using the word “IT” and the List of Jericho has gotten him a lot of love lately by WWE fans, which means WWE has taken notice. They can hear the cheers that Jericho is getting and it seems now more than ever is the perfect time to consider a babyface turn for Chris Jericho.

Jericho, Owens, Foley
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It has been rumored for some time already that WWE planned to split both Owens and Jericho sometime in the winter, but it was unknown at what time it would take place. In fact, there was a rumored triple threat in the works for WWE Survivor Series dating back a number of weeks ago which would have involved Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens, and Seth Rollins. Of course, that was before the major traditional Survivor Series matches were planned out.

That said, a triple threat with the three top WWE RAW stars is still in the works but may be held off until December or January instead. The turn for Jericho does seem to be happening sooner rather than later. According to Cageside Seats, it could be seen as soon as WWE Survivor Series during the men’s traditional Survivor Series match. Either that or seeds could be planted from it resulting in a full turn later.

The break-up angle could lead to some sort of match at WWE Roadblock in December between them, which may bring about the triple threat. Of course, they could always do Jericho/Owens first and get to Rollins, Jericho, and Owens at The Royal Rumble. This might work out best, as it would allow for WWE to have Jericho take the fall and for Seth Rollins to get into a match with Owens at WWE Fast Lane in February where Triple H could get involved setting up a match with the two of them for WrestleMania 33.

As of now, nothing has been spoken about for Chris Jericho when it comes to WrestleMania 33. However, he is more over than he has been in some time. His last few comebacks have been fun but they have not been spectacular, to say the least. In fact, he was pulling out old catchphrases just a little while back because he didn’t have anything to use.

Chris Jericho
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Then the List of Jericho was born along with….”IT.” We still don’t know what “it” is, but whatever it is, he knows all about it. Meanwhile, Kevin Owens is an amazing promo artist, similar to Jericho. Their friendship has worked out well for television because both men are absolute gold together. This may be why WWE has yet to split them and may be waiting until the last possible moment to do so.

Chris Jericho is the obvious babyface in the group, but KO does need someone to watch his back. Chris Jericho has taken a good chunk of the pedigrees that Seth Rollins has been dishing out. Owens did help Jericho avoid one this past week on RAW, but Jericho did help Owens win his Hell in a Cell match on Sunday where he took a lot of punishment to help Owens retain his title.

All of this being said, the friendship with Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens while very fun for television as of now, may end up ending for some reason before the end of the year is up. It may work out for the best considering how good both men are. Of course, this may only add to their promo quality with each other, and possibly even their obvious match, so it isn’t all bad.

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