Kenny Chesney Reveals He Is Taking A Break In 2017, Is Everything Okay?

Kenny Chesney is always out and touring for his fans. It turns out that Kenny won’t be out on the road near as much in 2017, though. Now Kenny Chesney is sharing the news that he is taking a big break next year, which of course has the fans worried about what is going on with him. Taste of Country shared the details about what Kenny had to say about taking a break and if you will even be able to see him on the road next year.

Besides being on tour, Kenny has been busy putting out a new album that just came out last week. Chesney has seven shows scheduled for next year, but that is it. He explained his plans for 2017 and how he will be taking off.

“It’s going to allow me to take a really authentic deep breath. Like my grandmother said, ‘Chocolate cake is great, but enough will make you sick.’ So we’re putting the cake away for just a little bit and then we’ll put it back out on the table.”

His album was originally supposed to come out over the summer but got pushed back. Kenny Chesney explained that this happened because of how busy he was and that songwriting and touring don’t go together. Of course, Kenny will have time to write next year since he won’t be on tour much. Kenny explained the details.

“I hate trying to be creative in the middle of a tour. I hate it. And I did that some on this record. But I was able to really channel that exhaustion and really take a look and try to back away from what I worked on for so long. Because I was afforded that time… I was able to really connect and find some songs that made the connection a lot stronger.”

Kenny Chesney’s new song with Pink is called “Setting the World on Fire” and is doing great with fans. Everyone loves it, and Kenny’s career is going strong. He is about to receive the BMI President’s Award and the CMA Pinnacle Award, which Kenny realizes how important are and spoke out about his thoughts on these awards.

“I do believe that my whole life started as a songwriter and what people see of me up there onstage is one thing, but all of that started with my creative spirit and wanting to find commonality with people through a song and that’s hard for me to do. It’s very special because if the BMI award is about being creative, the CMA award is about my investment in the fans and their investment back in me and how beautiful that’s been.”

The CMA Pinnacle Award has only been given to Garth Brooks and Taylor Swift. Fans will not want to miss watching Kenny get this award tomorrow night. If you do want to have a chance to see Kenny Chesney in concert in 2017, there will not be that many tickets available. The Clarion Ledger shared that Kenny’s tickets will be going on sale soon. This is for a concert in May of 2017 at the Baptist Health Systems campus in Madison. Chesney will only be doing seven shows in 2017 unless something changes.

Fans were concerned that something might be wrong with Kenny Chesney, but it turns out that is not the case. Instead, he is just taking time off to write music and live his life. It sounds like Kenny just needed the break.

Are you surprised to hear that Kenny Chesney is taking time off in 2017? Do you think that there is something going on that he isn’t sharing with fans? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts. Don’t miss seeing Kenny Chesney get his big CMA Pinnacle Award on Wednesday night at the 2016 CMA Awards.

[Featured Image By Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]