New Series 'The Crown' Is The Most Expensive Yet By Netflix

Amy Feinstein

The Crown, the new Netflix series will debut on Friday, and bring all of the lush scenery and costumes that viewers loved with Downton Abbey. The production value is being referred to as "high end," and Anglophiles will get to see the full story of Queen Elizabeth, from the time that she was Princess Elizabeth, inheriting the crown from her father, King George VI, who died of lung cancer when Elizabeth was just 25.

All members of the royal family will be depicted in the series, and that includes Queen Elizabeth's Pembroke Welsh Corgis, who attended the opening night party, says the Inquisitr. Queen Elizabeth and her sister, Princess Margaret had dogs since childhood, including Corgis, Dachshunds, and Dorgis (Corgi/Dachshund mixes). The Queen's Corgis are treated better than some people's children, with butlers tending to their dining and medical needs.


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Queen Elizabeth is played by Claire Foy, and viewers will get to see the royal wedding of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip (Philip of Mountbatten) played by Matt Smith. Vanessa Kirby plays Princess Margaret, and in the scenes with her sister, Elizabeth, viewers will get to see some of the most difficult scenes of the show.

And then there is Winston Churchill, played by John Lithgow, who is said to be a booming and bellowing presence. As a review, the series treats the royals with kid gloves, while others, like Churchill, get a more accurate character study.

The story of this slice of royal life is being told by Peter Morgan, and it starts in 1947 with King George IV (played by Jared Harris) in rough health, as he is struggling with advanced lung cancer. From the beginning, Elizabeth is thrust into the spotlight as the successor to the crown, having to balance a fairly new marriage, while suddenly finding herself literally in the position as her sister's keeper, as Princess Margaret was sort of the Fergie of her generation, minus the toe-sucking caught on film.

In The Crown, viewers will get to see two Elizabeths. First, there is the Elizabeth, who is Queen Elizabeth, the face behind the crown, and Elizabeth the woman and the mother. But it is thought that Queen Elizabeth had to be the sturdy, steady, rule-follower to balance out party girl Princess Margaret, who seemed to dabble in all that life had to offer and brought the first divorce that Queen Elizabeth had to deal with as the head of the Anglican Church and of the United Kingdom.

Will you watch The Crown on Netflix? Do you think it will fill the gap left by Downton Abbey?

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