Arby’s Venison Deer Steak Sandwich Sells Out On First Day — 17 Arby’s Stores To Sell Deer Meat

Arby’s is getting plenty of buzz after Arby’s announced on October 26 that they would begin selling venison — that’s deer meat — in sandwiches for a limited time. Whereas the thought of eating deer would gross out some folks, others are apparently delighted and excited about Arby’s decision to sell venison sandwiches.

Not all Arby’s stores will sell the deer sandwiches from October 31 to November 28 — but Arby’s stores in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Georgia are among the first states to get to try chomping down on Bambi.

White-tailed deer -- not the red deer of Arby's sandwiches [Image by Robert F. Bukaty/AP Images]

According to the Tennessean, people in Nashville really loved the venison promotion at Arby’s.

The sandwiches, which are thick and chewy deer steak on a bun, sold out on the first day at the Arby’s on Rosa Parks Blvd. That means the deer sandwiches that were supposed to sell all the way through till Thursday, November 3, ended up selling out immediately.

Since that particular Nashville Arby’s store was the very first one in the U.S. to begin selling the venison sandwiches, the sales of Arby’s deer sandwiches across the nation could end up being very popular.

That Arby’s Nashville location sold 250 deer sandwiches in 5 hours, with certain Arby’s customers driving an hour to get their venison sandwiches. After Nashville, the venison deer sandwiches move to an Arby’s location in Atlanta this week.

Next up, Arby’s locations in Wisconsin and Minnesota get to try the deer sandwiches for their taste buds.

Not all Arby’s locations will get to serve their customers venison. Out of more than 3,300 Arby’s stores, only 17 of them will sell the deer meat through November 3. Locations that were more deer-hunting friendly made the cut — with the venison coming from red deer from New Zealand.

A doe and two fawns -- not Arby's sandwiches [Image by Jim Fitzgerald/AP Images]

Arby’s didn’t sell shaved venison but instead sold 5.5-ounce cuts of top and bottom round venison steak — that were slow-cooked within baths of hot water. Arby’s let each customer buy up to two venison sandwiches.

Those folks who didn’t find it gross to eat venison found the Arby’s sandwiches pretty good — especially coupled with the fried onions on top. Definitely not a dinner for vegans, the venison sandwiches from Arby’s were designed to attract hunters and a slice of the population that might not normally find themselves trekking to Arby’s for lunch.

There will be six locations of Arby’s stores in Pennsylvania that will offer the venison sandwiches, reports the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Meanwhile, buzz about Arby’s new venison sandwich with their thick-cut venison steak is heating up online. Some of the sample comments from social media about people eating deer meat thanks to Arby’s limited promotion can be read below.

I like venison. Just not from Arby’s. Sounds like taking one’s life into their hands.”

“I want deer meat! Yes to venison at Arby’s.”

“I’d be wary since it’s Arby’s but since it’s venison, I would definitely try it at least once.”

“The idea of factory farming venison for Arby’s is a nauseating and horrific thought.”

“Eerie, came home to find deer in my driveway JUST AS radio was reporting on Arby’s new venison burger :-P”

“Gonna drive to Pennsylvania for that venison sandwich at Arby’s too.”

“An ‘s location in sold out of their new venison sandwiches on the first day. Remind me never to go to .”

“Arby’s is testing venison burgers!?

: I was excited to try venison sandwiches in WI. But you did it in one place, hours away from 99% of people in the state. What a joke.”

“Sure hope Greenville Arby’s gets the trial venison sandwich like Nashville did — sold out in 3 hours.”

[Featured Image by Wilfredo Lee/AP Images]