Cabin Fever 2 Mixtape Released By Wiz Khalifa

Cabin Fever 2 was released this week by rapper Wiz Khalifa, giving fans waiting for the debut of his sophomore album something to hold them over.

Khalifa has yet to release his second LP, O.N.I.F.C, but released on his Twitter page the track list for Cabin Fever 2, a mixtape that includes cameos from several artists including Juicy J, Problem, French Montana, and Chevy Woods. Cabin Fever 2 is hosted by DJ Holiday. He also included a link where the album can be downloaded.

Releasing mix tapes ahead of his albums has become something of a tradition for Wiz Khalifa, Zap2It noted. Before releasing his debut album, Rolling Papers, Khalifa put out a mixtape called Cabin Fever as a way to build anticipation for his fans. With the release of O.N.I.F.C. still more than a month away, and already having been pushed back once, Cabin Fever 2 seems like a way to keep anxious fans satisfied.

Khalifa also offered a message to fans with some suggestions for Cabin Fever 2.

“This tape is for you guys to get totally f**ked up to and have some theme music to sing until the album comes out,” Khalifa wrote on Twitter. “Perfect for smokeouts, pregames, afterparties, ratchet parties, birthday parties, highrides, weednaps, snacc runs, hood clubs, nice bars etc … This is how mixtapes are supposed to sound #CabinFever2”

Here is the complete playlist for Cabin Fever 2:

1. Bout Me feat. Problem and IamSu
2. Fucc S–t feat. Menace
3. M I A feat. Juicy J
4. Pacc Talk feat. Juicy J and Problem
5. Ridin Round feat. Juicy J
6. Smokin Drink feat. Problem
7. Stu feat. Juicy J
8. Bout That
9. I’m Feelin feat. Problem, J.R. Donato and Juicy J
10. Deep Sleep
11. 100 Bottles feat. Problem
12. Thuggin feat. Chevy Woods and Lavish
13. Tweak is Heavy
14. Nothin Like The Rest feat. French Montana

Cabin Fever 2 can be purchased here.