Tamra Judge Responds To Kelly Dodd’s Claim She And Shannon Beador Tried To Set Her Up, Kelly Threatens To Sue Over Affair Claim And Further Explains Frank

Did Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador really try to set Kelly Dodd up as a cheater during her appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live (WWHL) on Monday night? That’s what Kelly immediately claimed when a caller asked her about Vicki but then suddenly switched to talking about her affair with a man named Frank. Right after finishing the live show, Kelly then went on Twitter and posted text messages between Tamra and someone else that supposedly shows that Tamra had something to do with the affair question.

Tamra has now responded to Kelly’s accusation. Earlier on Monday, Tamra posted a photo of her youngest daughter and a friend in costume for Halloween. As and after WWHL aired, many viewers left comments on Tamra’s photo not about the girls’ costumes but about what just happened on WWHL, specifically Kelly’s claim that Tamra and Shannon had something to do with the affair question. In response to one viewer’s comment about Kelly’s claim, Tamra said that Kelly is now blaming her and Shannon for being outed for cheating. Clearly, Tamra wants everyone to believe that neither she nor Shannon had anything to do with Kelly being asked about having had an affair on WWHL.

“tamrajudge: @chanel_e_lace yes I felt I was stopping to her level. She got outed for cheating and she’s blaming me and shannon. Lol”


As reported by Real Mr. Housewife, Tamra on Tuesday appeared on Heather McDonald’s Juicy Scoop podcast where she talked about Kelly’s accusation. According to Tamra, before WWHL, several direct messages were sent to some of the cast members regarding Kelly’s affair with Frank. Tamra admitted that she responded to the messages but maintained that she didn’t actively plan any kind of setup or mastermind anything.

“She tried to blame me and Shannon. I was like I’m out trick or treating, I’m sorry you got exposed for cheating…It’s not cool that she’s trying to blame me and Shannon. I texted her last night and said what are you doing? Tons of people are reaching out to people exposing your messages. What I’m guilty of is I responded back to one of them. I’m just guilty of entertaining it.”

On Tuesday evening, Tamra maintained her innocence by tweeting that Kelly’s delusional.

Kelly was quick to lash out at Tamra. Kelly tweeted that Tamra cheated on her ex-husband, Simon Barney. Kelly also wrote that Tamra has been married three times and has children with multiple men.

Kelly dared to continue talking about Tamra’s children. In response to one viewer who wrote that one of Tamra’s children is a “beater boy,” in reference to Ryan Vieth’s arrest for domestic violence in June 2015, Kelly commented that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

What happened on WWHL? A viewer called in and started asking Kelly Dodd a question about her relationship with Vicki Gunvalson but then accused Kelly of having an affair with a man named Frank.

“Where does your current relationship with Vicki stand…because had she known about your affair with Frank, she would’ve blasted you to the world.”

Kelly remained calm and actually didn’t seem that surprised by the question. She quickly denied having had an affair with Frank, who is apparently a family friend. Kelly then accused the caller of getting her false information from Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador and revealed that she already knew that the accusation was going to come up.

“Uh, didn’t have an affair with Frank. We can call Frank. Uh, don’t know what you’re alluding to, you’re alluding to the texts that you got from some whack job, thank you, Tamra and Shannon. I got a million texts from you guys but it’s okay.”

Andy asked Kelly what was happening. He said that he didn’t understand. Kelly started talking about a woman from two years ago but then switched to acknowledging the marital problems that she had with her husband, Michael Dodd, and maintaining that Frank is only a close family friend.

“Somebody, some girl from two years ago, it’s no secret that my husband and I had problems but Frank and I, he’s like my brother, he’s a part of my family and you can call him if you want to.”

Additional callers later tried to bring up Frank.

After filming WWHL, Kelly posted text messages that Tamra, prior to Monday night’s WWHL, exchanged with someone who told her that they have a group calling into the show to confront Kelly about the affair. The text messages show that Tamra and the person first talked about Kelly’s relationship with the other man, with Tamra commenting that Kelly seems to know that she’s going to be outed. The person then asked Tamra if she can pull any strings for them. Tamra told the person that she doesn’t know the secret to getting through to ask the WWHL guests a question but that she’ll ask. The person then warned Tamra to keep it all a secret.

Obviously, someone who was a part of the plan or privy to it decided to come clean and sent Kelly the text messages that was exchanged with Tamra. Apparently, it was more than one person who was behind the plan to out Kelly. Kelly explained that there is a group of “hater trolls” who call themselves Thunderdome.

Kelly warned on Tuesday evening that she’s going to sue and press charges against Thunderdome.

She also later explained that two years ago, when she and Michael were getting back together after their separation, she got jealous over some text messages, presumably regarding him with another woman, and told him that she was having sex with Frank just to make him jealous.

Kelly also tweeted that she even set Vicki up with Frank as a date prior to her getting in a relationship with her now-boyfriend Steve.

Throughout Season 11 of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Kelly has been very open and frank about the fact that she and Michael were separated for a time and even went through the process of divorce, during which she got engaged to another man, before deciding to reconcile and give their marriage another chance.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kelly recently said that her marriage has actually gotten stronger and better from being on the show.

In the aftermath of Watch What Happens Live, Andy received a barrage of comments on social media that accused him of knowing what was going to happen to Kelly and allowing it to happen. People accused him of giving Kelly a hard time, in contrast to when he has Tamra and Shannon Beador on his show, whom he seems to favor. Andy defended himself and his show by stating that the callers changed their questions and went rogue on air after getting through the screener. Andy maintained that he was unaware of what was going to happen.

Kelly Dodd doesn’t think that Andy Cohen was part of the setup plan, for she stuck up for him, placing the blame squarely on Tamra Judge.

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