William Daniel Johnson Robocall: Evan McMullin Has ‘Two Mommies,’ Is ‘Closet Homosexual’ Says White Nationalist

A robocall by a West Coast white nationalist, William Daniel Johnson, attacking virtual-unknown conservative presidential candidate and former CIA agent Evan McMullin as having “two mommies” and being a “closet homosexual” is attracting attention for its intensity, as reported by Mediaite.

The William Johnson robocall begins with the chairman of the American Freedom Party introducing himself as a “white nationalist” and farmer. He then explains the purpose of the call, backing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and campaigning against Evan McMullin.

The call was reported to target residents of Utah, where Evan McMullin, a reported Mormon, currently sits in second place behind Donald Trump and leading Democratic nominee, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in poll averages, as reported by Real Clear Politics.

The most recent Utah poll, with data from as recently as October 27, has Donald Trump with 32 percent of voter support, McMullin with 30, Clinton with 24, Libertarian Gary Johnson with 4, and Green Party nominee Dr. Jill Stein with 1.

While he does not seem to have any real chance at winning the presidency, Evan McMullin appears to have a legitimate shot at winning the popular vote in Utah, which doesn’t appear to be sitting well with William Johnson and the American Freedom Party.

“His mother is a lesbian, married to another woman,” Daniel Johnson’s vitriol continues.

The Salt Lake Tribune describes McMullin’s mother “marrying another woman” after his parents divorced when he was with the CIA. McMullin has also gone on record with a belief that Donald Trump is a “racist.”

Evan McMullin robocall attacks presidential candidate as 'close homosexual' back Republican nominee Donald Trump, William Daniel Johnson, a California lawyer with the American Freedom Party is behind the calls, which are reported to have targeted voters in Utah.

“As far as my mother’s marriage is concerned, I believe in the sanctity of traditional marriage. It is an important part of my faith,” McMullin has stated. “My mother has a different view. That is OK. I love her very much, and she is one of my best friends.”

While McMullin is reportedly single, he has expressed aspirations of marrying and having children in the future.

The William Johnson robocall shines light on the fact that McMullin is over 40 and single and combines this with his mother’s sexual identity to conclude that the presidential candidate must be a “closet homosexual.”

William Daniel Johnson, American Freedom Party, White Nationalist robocall attacks Evan McMullin, back Republican nominee Donald Trump.

The robocall goes on with Johnson promising that Donald Trump will “respect all women.” The Republican nominee has become somewhat notorious for a long list of allegations of sexual misconduct from numerous women, over decades, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Donald Trump will be a leader that Americans can “all be proud of,” William Daniel Johnson promises in his anti-Evan McMullin robocall.

Evan McMullin tweeted that the Johnson robocall may be an attack orchestrated by “racist supporters” or Donald Trump himself earlier today.

The Southern Poverty Law Center described the American Third Position Party, the forerunner of the American Freedom Party, as aiming “to fill the white supremacist void” with William Johnson aiming to unite “disaffected racists.”

William Johnson robocall denounces Evan McMullin stating that presidential candidate has "two mommies" and is a "closet homosexual."

Formed in 2010, the American Freedom Party is seen as a reaction to the 2007-08 sub-prime mortgage-backed securities financial crisis, which resulted in millions of Americans losing their homes and life savings. William Daniel Johnson is reported to be employed as an attorney in Los Angeles; he was reported to “head” a four-person office in 2010.

In May, The Guardian reported that Johnson had been selected to appear as a Trump campaign delegate at the Republican National Convention in July. While the Trump campaign reportedly insisted that William Daniel Johnson’s inclusion was a mistake, Johnson insisted that, before public complaints had been voiced, Trump and his surrogates were fine with the white nationalist appearing as a Trump delegate at the RNC.

In addition to working for the CIA and running for president, Evan McMullin is a graduate of the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and has worked for Goldman Sachs.

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