‘The Sims 4’ Latest Expansion ‘City Living’ Out Today, Enjoy Festivals And Penthouses Now

As the third expansion pack for The Sims 4, “City Living” takes players once again to another world with new features. This expansion focuses on living in a bustling urban setting where apartments and close quarters are a staple of the lifestyle. Apartments provide another layer of gameplay challenges while also introducing Lot Traits across the entire game.

Apartments, festivals, and new careers are just a few of the major features in “City Living.” The expansion is out right now according to The Sims 4 official website. In addition to the densely populated world of San Myshuno and the previously mentioned elements, new activities are also part of the third expansion. Sims can try their hand at karaoke, basketball, or even playing a video game.

“There are a whole bunch of new activities and items in The Sims 4 City Living, but the karaoke machine, video game console & basketball hoop are definitely worth a mention here. Get your Sim working on the new singing skill, their fitness or just relax with some gaming! Either way, we’re pretty sure they won’t be complaining.”

In “City Living,” residents living in an apartment cannot alter the home they rent. Sims and their players cannot just knock out a wall to accommodate a new family member or move a wall to expand the tiny bathroom. After all, certain apartments have landlords that would not enjoy their residents making such drastic changes to their property.

The Sims 4
An apartment with the Filthy Lot Trait [Image by Electronic Arts]

This is part of a larger game mechanic in “City Living” for The Sims 4. Living in select apartments will provide beneficial effects to the family while others will test the residents with other challenges. As the Inquisitr reported, Lot Traits are basically buffs and debuffs that are applied at the lot level. One lot may be Filthy where bugs are never-ending and housework never seems to keep the home clean. These traits can also be beneficial, though, like one that provides child Sims with better grades because the apartment is close to Good Schools.

According to the patch notes for The Sims 4 on the Electronic Arts website, lots can have up to three traits. Players can event set lot traits to their custom homes thanks to the expansion. Other examples of Lot Traits include, but are not limited to, Fast Internet, Convivial, Chef’s Kitchen, and many more. The latest patch also addressed many issues for the game and its other downloadable content like odd bugs that let children invite other Sims to bars or the one that let players delete a counter with a plate on it to get free food.

The Sims 4
A penthouse in the "City Living" expansion [Image via Electronic Arts]

“City Living” Sims can, of course, work their way up from small, uncomfortable apartments to the more palatial environments of top-floor penthouses. With enough Simoleons, a family can occupy a building’s penthouse area where they are free to demolish, design, and construct their home as they see fit. Again, moving up from renting a cozy place that cannot be altered to owning a penthouse that can be fully customized is part of a new way to play The Sims 4 with this expansion.

The new DLC also introduces new careers and new neighbor interactions. Sims can become Social Media experts, Critics, or Politicians in “City Living.” Since Sims will be living so close to their neighbors in the expansion, new interactions are also part of the expansion. Neighbors can request the music be lowered or Sims can even hand out keys to their place. San Myshuno also presents plenty of social opportunities to Sims. Among the city’s different districts, several different events occur throughout the season.

“City Living” is available now via Origin. Like “Get Together” and “Get To Work,” this expansion costs $39.99. The expansion will be available worldwide on November 3. Around three GB are needed to install the expansion with a total of about 14 GB if installed with The Sims 4.

[Featured Image by Electronic Arts]