In November 2016, Why Not Let Your Horoscope Decide What You’ll Watch? The Perfect Netflix Film For Your Sign

You know the feeling: you’ve scrolled through every Netflix or Amazon Prime category from “Goofy Comedies” to “Scary Movies,” yet that perfect film just isn’t jumping out at you.

You resignedly resolve to do something productive, but you just don’t want to leave your couch (especially with those chilly November temperatures). If you’re only one step away from tossing your iPad next time Netflix suggests a “comedy for the whole family,” have no fear — Astrology is here to help.

Taurus: Patience Is Key

If you’re a patient and reliable Taurus, why not grab the bull by the horns (pun intended) and put your qualities to good use? You’ll definitely relate to the dependable qualities of Adam Sandler’s character in Big Daddy.

Watch him go from irresponsible slouch to the guy everyone counts on in this Netflix pick, and thank your comedy angels you were born between April 20 and May 20.

Netflix Movies November 2016
Adam Sandler (right) and Michael Chiklis attending the premiere of "The Do Over" in Los Angeles, May 2016. [Image By Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Aries: Courage And Passion

If you were born under the sign of the ram, be prepared for the long haul. You’ll be sinking your teeth into Saving Private Ryan this November on Netflix should you listen to your inner Aries.

This story of Captain John Miller and his men risking their lives behind enemy lines to rescue a fellow soldier will play on your courageous personality, and is definitely all heart. Hopefully ye who were born between March 21 and April 19 will have the stamina for this almost three-hour epic. If not, Netflix is always ready to suggest something else you’ll like.

Gemini: Easy Does It

Those born under Gemini are gentle, curious, and flexible. If you belong to this Twin sign, you might feed your thirst for knowledge with a Netflix-worthy action/adventure such as Stardust.

Climb aboard this journey with Tristan Thorn as he journeys through a dark realm to find a fallen star and win his lover’s heart. Enjoy exploring this new world, and celebrate being born between May 2 and June 20.

Cancer: Water Everywhere

As a crab sign, you naturally like being near water. You’re also imaginative, loyal, and emotional. A movie like Alfie will suit you just fine. Sit back, pop some popcorn, and enjoy as Ben Stiller’s main character goes from irresponsible and uncommitted to questioning his entire existence.

Netflix Movies November 2016
Ben Stiller attends the UNHCR #WithRefugees petition handover, September 2016. [Image By Slaven Vlasic/Stringer/Getty Images]

A movie like this will certainly tug at your crabby innards, and pull your heartstrings this November. Keep a few tissues handy in case you suddenly regret your birth date falling between June 21 and July 22.

Leo: Humor And Generosity

You Leos out there are practically roaring for a good Netflix selection, and we hear you, Lions! With your good cheer and humorous outlook on life, why not try some magic this November? Practical Magic, that is.

In this enchanting flick from 1998, a bizarre curse interferes in the love lives of Gillian and Sally, two witches who are also sisters. The romantic undertones will also appeal to your passionate nature, and make November just a bit more magical.

Virgo: Work That Netflix Flow

Have the newest November 2016 Netflix listings got you down, Virgo? Never fear! If you were born August 23-September 22, chances are you’ll be looking for a movie that’s practical and down-to-earth like you are.

Your love of animals might lend itself to a documentary such as The Lion In Your Living Room, which gives a history of the common house cat and its domestication. Sounds like a purr-fect Netflix documentary for the Halloween season.

Libra: Cooperation Is The Word

You love teamwork, and people in general, so you’ll want something of the Human Interest variety in your Netflix queue.

Try dialing up 2016’s Peter: The Redemption if you want a biblical tale of martyrdom and hope, or Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party for something a bit less mainstream. The latter describes the story of a young teen and several others trying to fit their unique morals into a society that rejects them. Thanks, Netflix!

Scorpio: Seekers Of Truth

Scorpios like truth, and that’s no lie. They are resourceful and brave, making tales of adventure perfect for them. If you want bravery and truth, look no further than The Siege of Jadotville. Released on Netflix in 2016, this true story tells the inspirational tale of Irish soldiers in Africa on a UN mission defending their station against overwhelming odds. Hop on Netflix and take this amazing journey with the world’s bravest.

Sagittarius: Generosity Becomes You

If the archer is your star sign, you have big dreams and are generous to those around you. You might want to pop The Doors onto Netflix and follow Jim Morrison’s rise and fall as he encapsulates everything us nine-to-fivers only dream of.

While you’re at it, share with a friend this November and make somebody else sit through 141 minutes of Doors history with you. Just don’t tell them we gave you the idea. This biopic was directed by Oliver Stone and stars Meg Ryan and Val Kilmer.

Bustle also suggests adding Slow Learners to your Netflix line-up this November, as it’s fast-moving and satisfies the Sagittarius’ need for speed.

Capricorn: Discipline Is Key

If you’re born under this goat sign, you love order and tradition. Why not join the long arm of the law with an old favorite like True Grit? This classic Netflix pick has a teenage tomboy named Mattie team up with a rough-around-the-edges lawman to hunt the man who killed Mattie’s father. IMDb gives it a 7.4/10 rating, and it’s available to watch on Netflix this November.

Aquarius: Ever-Changing

The water bearer is known for being independent, progressive, and an original. It thus goes without saying that finding an indie film on Netflix will help make your November. Since Aquariuses (Aquari?) don’t like emotional expression, a movie that doesn’t dig too deep into the soul seems apropos.

Undecided: The Movie is very timely for the election season, and follows two undecided voters on the campaign trail. Since it’s about politics, you can bet it’s just a total circus in the best way possible.

Pisces: Wise And Artistic

Phew! We’ve finally come to the end of our Netflix November 2016 movie roundup. Just because the fish sign is last doesn’t make it the least of our zodiac movie selections!

If you’re born under Pisces, you’re artistic, like to be alone, and love music and romance. A romantic comedy like Grease seems the right (if obvious) choice. Both the original classic and a live remake from 2016 are available on Netflix, so streamers are in luck.

That wraps up our Netflix movie list. Let us know what you’d like to see added or changed below during the rest of 2016.

[Featured Image By Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]