‘American Horror Story’ Spoilers: Season 6 To Include ‘Asylum’ Character

American Horror Story fans are about to revisit a fan favorite character from Season 2’s Asylum. The news was revealed this week that Sarah Paulson would be reprising one of her most memorable AHS roles for Season 6’s Roanoke.

According to E! Online, Sarah Paulson, who has been featured in every season of American Horror Story, will be bringing back the character of Lana Winters for Roanoke. Ryan Murphy confirmed the news this week via Twitter.

“Sarah Paulson’s Asylum ultimate survivor Lana Winters returns this season on AHS: Roanoke. Happy Halloween!”

American Horror Story spoilers: Lana Winters returning to Roanoke.
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As many American Horror Story fans will remember, Lana Winters was a journalist investigating the Briarcliff asylum in Season 2. She was eventually locked away in the mental hospital after clashing with Sister Jude, played by Jessica Lange. Later, when Sister Jude was also locked in Briarcliff, she and Lana became friends.

Eventually, Lana escaped the horrors of Briarcliff and the serial killer named Bloody Face to become a famous author. The season finale of American Horror Story: Asylum flashed forward from Lana Winters’ 1970’s ordeal to the year 2013 where she came face to face with the son she conceived with the Bloody Face killer. Her adult son, played by Dylan McDermott, confronted her and Lana was forced to kill him herself. The character is both likable and complex, and is often referred to by Sarah Paulson as her favorite AHS role. After leaving her role in Asylum, Paulson talked about the love she felt for the character.

“The show really felt…really focused on Lana’s story and her journey. I felt very connected to it. Because this show is a miniseries and has a beginning, a middle and an end to it, when it was time to say goodbye, it was really saying goodbye. I knew even though I was going to do the show next year, I knew I wasn’t going to be playing that character and I would never play her again and it was over forever and ever. I think there’s something about the nature and the way that we do this—there are 13 episodes and the story starts and there’s an end to the story and you put it away forever—that kind of lends itself to feeling very connected to the characters your playing…For me it was Lana. Lana’s a character that I felt most connected to and part I most lived playing.”

American Horror Story spoilers: Lana Winters from Asylum returning to Roanoke.
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Fortunately for Sarah Paulson, she now gets another shot to play Lana Winters. It is currently unknown how Lana will fit into American Horror Story Season 6’s Roanoke theme, but fans are eager to find out. Perhaps Lana will write a book about the tragic events that took place on the land.

Meanwhile, this will be the second time Paulson has gotten to revisit one of her former AHS characters. During Season 5’s Hotel, Sarah stepped back into her role as Billie Dean Howard from Season 1’s Murder House. Howard, a psychic, visited the establishment to film a live series about the ghosts and spirits that resided at the haunted hotel.

Over the years, Sarah Paulson has become a fan favorite actress thanks to her roles in Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story and American Crime Story. Paulson recently won an Emmy for portraying real-life lawyer Marcia Clark in The People v. O.J. Simpson and is also expected to star in Murphy’s newest project, Feud. The new series will document some of history’s most famous feuds starting with the bad blood between Hollywood superstars Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. Paulson will co-star with her former AHS cast member Jessica Lange, as well as Susan Sarandon and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

What do you think about the latest American Horror Story spoilers? Are you excited to see Lana Winters return?

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