‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Episode 3 Spoilers: More Survivors Pay The Price [Video]

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 3 is a pivotal episode for the series. Coming off a major ratings success with the premiere episode, the season has finally been able to catch its breath and show fans a little of the prerequisites that will set the stage for the rest of the year, and potentially for the next three seasons on the mega-hit AMC zombie series.

Fans of The Walking Dead finally got a glimpse of what the Kingdom and King Ezekiel are all about. For all that has been shown on Episode 2 of The Walking Dead, fans can reasonably assume that the Kingdom are possibly the best allies that Alexandria could have in the region.

There are some reasons for skepticism, of course. But The Walking Dead itself is a suspension of disbelief with the existence of zombies, or “walkers.” Carol’s initial reaction to King Ezekiel really speaks for itself. The man has built a group inside of his kingdom and made use of what appears to be a medieval Shakespeare influence so that his people may lead a more rewarding lifestyle in the face of such intense adversity. It is ludicrous, of course, but nevertheless fitting for a group of people who submit to the fantasy and enjoy their days living in the post-apocalypse on The Walking Dead.

Then there was that scene on The Walking Dead where King Ezekiel sat down with Carol during the late night rendezvous for a little heart-to-heart conversation. It was there that fans of The Walking Dead found out that King Ezekiel was actually a zookeeper before the world fell to the zombies. He also explained how he had come to tame Shiva, his tiger. It was through respect and trust rather than with a torture whip.

That episode of The Walking Dead was what some fans may have considered boring, but just consider what you have learned that will make more sense for the next episode. We learned that not only did Rick have to submit to Negan and the Saviors, but King Ezekiel did as well. But he did not lose his good humor in the situation and The Walking Dead fans saw him feeding the pigs tainted zombie meat, then butchering them and sending them off as tribute to Negan. In the end, fans know that Ezekiel might be a bit of a dreamer with his fantasy world, but his scheme will play out with brilliance once the Saviors start eating that tainted pig meat and die off, thus turning the Savior pack against themselves.

Ezekiel makes a brilliant offensive move against Negan and the Saviors on The Walking Dead without having to fire a single bullet or swing his sword. All he had to do was serve them what they wanted.

But this has little to do with what happens in the next episode of The Walking Dead, titled “The Cell,” according to TV Guide. That’s because fans of The Walking Dead will finally get a sneak peek into the compound that the Saviors hail from. That means we will get to see where Daryl has been taken and what he is subjected to.

The real question here is whether or not they have the means to break Daryl, which is more likely now that Daryl has seen that it is not him that pays the price for his actions, but rather someone he loves.

Fan of The Walking Dead will also get introduced to a new group on the show that live a good life. But they also have a steep price to pay to live that way, so the odds are that the group will in some way be at odds with Rick and Alexandria due to force, rather than choice.

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