Google Android 4.0 Portable Gaming System Introduced By MG

More Gaming, better known as MG has just released images of its first Google Android 4.0 portable gaming console alongside announcement for pre-orders that will cost buyers $150.

The Android based device features a 4-inch display with a 1GHz cortex A5 processor alongside 1GB RAM and access to the Google Play store for software downloading.

While the gaming console offers only 4GB of build-in storage it also comes equipped with a microSD card slot and an included 8GB microSD card.

The portable gaming console is covered with Gorilla Glass and also offers a user faced 1.3 MP camera. MG is promising 3.75 hours of play time via a 1,880mAh, a play time that might not sit well with heavy gamers who expect more for their gaming marathons.

You may recall that MG unsuccessfully tried to raise enough money for the project via Kickstarter, the company ultimately moved forward without the additional funds.

While buyers can pre-order the MG gaming console for $150 through November 3 that price will increase to $170 starting November 4.

Buyers should receive their new Google Android 4.0 portable gaming console by the first week of November.

With may mobile gamers taking advantage of their own smartphones for their gaming needs it will be interesting to see if MG can carve out a niche for itself. The gaming system does have some advantages over mobile phones, specifically a rounded design that is ergonomically created for mobile gaming.

Here’s a shot of the devices backside:

MG Portable Gaming Unit for Android