Kendall Jenner’s Mental Illness Revealed Amid Anxiety, Rehab, Drug Rumors

Kendall Jenner’s “mystery illness” revealed on Keeping Up With the Kardashians has been making headlines. Sure, Kendall seems like your typical model. Some would assume that she would have a breakdown a la Kate Moss, but her mental illness is not what you would assume.

Kendall Jenner
Is Kendall Jenner's modelling career affecting her mental illness? [Image by JP Yim/Getty Images for Michael Kors]

The reality star opened up with her scary mental illness on a recent episode of the E! series. Jenner, 20, admitted that she doesn’t “feel fine.”

“I wake up in the middle of the night and I can’t move,” Jenner is seen saying in the clip.

When she’s on the phone with her mother and momager Kris Jenner, Kris just tells reassures Kendall that she “just got anxiety.”

But, Kendall insists that something serious is going on with her health.

“Everyone says I’m fine, but I don’t feel fine,” Kendall says.

Watch the clip below for yourself.

Kendall Jenner’s mystery illness could just be a sign of sleep paralysis, which exhibits the same symptoms, according to Teen Vogue. It can often leave you feeling confused when you wake up because it is that scary. According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, sleep paralysis occurs when you’re unable to move or speak when either falling asleep or waking up. Your brain is still telling your body to sleep, but you’re actually awake. It can be caused by sleep disorders such as narcolepsy or sleep apnea, or if you haven’t gotten enough sleep, or if you experience stress in your life.

Jenner has admitted in the past that she suffers from anxiety, which has affected her career and daily life, as reported via In Touch. An unnamed source even told the tabloid that Jenner has been having sleepless nights as a result of her ongoing anxiety.

“She has been sleeping sleepless nights, panic attacks and she’s barely eating because she has no appetite. Doctors have warned her that she needs to take some time off and possibly go to rehab for treatment to get this under control, but she’s refusing.”

Even some of Kendall’s model friends like Cara Delevingne have suggested she should take some time off from the runway, but she refuses.

“Cara Delevingne has also suffered from anxiety and has been offering Kendall advice and tips to say calm…but Kendall’s not interested. Everyone’s extremely worried about her.”

The news of Kendall’s mystery illness comes after she admitted on her website and app that she took some time off for “exhaustion.” Kendall opened up to her readers, letting them know that she had to take some time off from the demands of her high-profile modeling job.

“I actually had to go to the hospital because I was so exhausted – it was definitely a wake-up call that I needed to take better care of myself. Honestly, I worked so much this year that it freaked me out a little. So, I guess my resolution would be to chill out more and have the ability to be a little more spontaneous.”

However, Kendall was a little vague when it came to sharing how exactly she has been feeling, as noted by Celebrity Dirty Laundry. She didn’t even reveal why she had to be admitted to the hospital. Jenner was never reported to have visited Cedars-Sinai because it would have been revealed via TMZ or another media outlet.

Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner opens up about the mystery illness that has been haunting her. [Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Harper's Bazaar]

Over the summer, Jenner accused of using cocaine on Twitter after she shared a Snapchat photo of a tiny Ziploc baggie commonly used for drug transactions, according to Elite Daily. She referred to it as “the cutest little Ziploc baggie I have ever seen.”

Here’s a screengrab of Kendall’s Snapchat photo in the tweet below.

Twitter shared screengrabs and started commenting on Jenner’s Snapchat story, accusing the model of using drugs. Some even poked fun at her for saying that she was sharing her “coke addiction” with the world. Jenner has frequented her share of Hollywood parties, so she must know what the bag is commonly used for. Either, she knows that the baggie is used for drugs and thought it was adorable anyway, or she had no clue of the bag’s association.

Kendall Jenner has never addressed any of the rehab or drug rumors.

[Featured Image by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for New York Fashion Week: The Shows]