Ogbuji Grace Amarachi Sex Tape: Nigerian Actress Claims She Was Threatened With Release Of Explicit Video Showing Her And Another Woman

Ogbuji Grace Amarachi is the latest Nigerian celebrity embroiled in a sex tape scandal, with the actress claiming that a comedian was trying to blackmail her with the tape’s release but then quickly going back on her accusation.

News of the alleged video came to light this week when Amarachi made a post on social media exposing a man she said was trying to blackmail her with the video’s release, Metro Naija reported. In the long post, the actress explained that she entered into a relationship with a woman sometime around 2010 or 2011, noting that “a video was made” during that relationship.

Ogbuji Grace Amarachi explained that the sex tape did exist and that a man identified as comedian Ominiaho was now threatening to release it. She wrote that Ominiaho had asked her out six years ago, but she wasn’t interested and still has no desire to pursue a relationship with the man.

It now appears that story may have been a lie. This week, Amarachi apologized to Ominiaho and said she had misinterpreted his messages to mean a sex tape when really he was making reference to another video, TheNews.ng noted.

Amarachi had initially explained that Ominiaho was threatening to release the sex tape. Below are her unedited comments (via Metro Naija).

“All of a sudden he popped up this year,calling,asking to see me,saying he’s got a job for me and all that, asking to see me,fixed a date and all that which I didn’t turn up to anyways, when he saw his plans to have me wasn’t working he decided to threaten me with the video which happened like way back 6years ago. How he got the video I dont know? If he actually do have the video I don’t know either!”

Ogbuji Grace Amarachi went on to say that she was “scared” that her sex tape could be released, but that she believes the video no longer exists. The woman from the previous relationship, identified as Drea, said she deleted the video long ago, Amarachi noted.

Drea also told the Nigerian Bulletin that the video was deleted long ago, and she couldn’t know why Ominiaho would be trying to blackmail Ogbuji Grace Amarachi over the tape.

The story is now the second major sex tape scandal to rock Nigeria in the past week. Another controversy surrounded 2015 Miss Anambra winner Chidinma Okeke, who was allegedly featured in a series of explicit videos that leaked to the internet.

Okeke initially denied that it was her in the video, saying someone had Photoshopped her head on another person’s body, but a second video appeared to more definitively show her.

A scandalous story has surfaced regarding the video, with sources saying that an unnamed “chief” had bankrolled Okeke’s pageant run and even paid the organizers to ensure that she would win. In exchange, Okeke was allegedly supposed to share her winnings with the man, and when she reneged on the deal, the sex tape showing Okeke with another woman was leaked to the internet.

The scandal could still deepen for Chidinma Okeke, with a report from Vanguard that a third sex tape is about to hit the internet. The newest video is reportedly close to one hour long and is more explicit than the first two, sources claim.

But Ogbuji Grace Amarachi has taken a different approach to her sex tape scandal, admitting that the video did exist and referring directly to Chidinma Okeke’s scandal.

“Am I scared? YES! Did I make a mistake? YES,i did made a nasty mistake!! Have I moved on,YES I have!!!…I don’t want to be another Chidinma Okeke,seeing chidinma okeke case I have no other choice but to voice out now. Am not going to lie or claim it was photoshopped, I did something stupid and am way over it and have moved on, but just incase one day something pops up, its all in the past!”

It is not clear if the Ogbuji Grace Amarachi sex tape has ever actually leaked to the internet. Nigerian news outlets have not noted whether there is any video yet of the actress and producer.

[Featured Image by Denis Doyle/Getty Images]