Danney Lee Williams DNA Test Drama: Bill Clinton's Alleged Son Begs Monica Lewinsky For Her Semen-Stained Dress For A Sample

Chrissie Williams

Bill Clinton's alleged love child, Danney Williams is asking Monica Lewinsky to allow him to conduct DNA testing on the famous blue dress to prove he is his biological father, Radar Online reports.

Monica testified in court that the strain on the famous blue dress resulted from a sexual act that she performed on Clinton in the Oval Office while he was president. The F.B.I confirmed that the DNA from the dress was a perfect match for Bill's DNA.

"I did my homework, and I saw they returned the dress to her after the tests and I thought why not ask her for it. I'm praying on it that she will make this happen for me. I'm sure hurt her as they hurt me," Danney explained. "I believe Hillary told my dad I would ruin her chances of being in the White House... I feel she cut him off from being in my life, but this isn't political."

"Now I face the prospect of a long, drawn-out paternity lawsuit in the State of Arkansas which lawyers tell me could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of litigation," Williams wrote to Lewinsky. "I am not a wealthy person and would have [to] try to raise the mountain of money needed to pay for the lawsuit. I respectfully request you provide the sample of genetic matter we require so that we may match it with my own sample."

"Governor Clinton provided cash support for me when I was a boy as well as having Arkansas State Troopers deliver Christmas presents to our home each year," Danney explained. He claimed that his family always told him that Clinton was his father, and later his mother admitted that Bill gave her cash [child support] when he was a young child.

"When I sent him a direct message on his Facebook page he (or someone who worked him) blocked me, " Williams explained. "There is substantial evidence that it was Hillary who cut me off from my biological father."

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