LeeAnne Locken Thrilled With Her Own Spin-Off Show Pitch But Would It Ever Happen?

LeeAnne Locken loved filming the first season of The Real Housewives of Dallas and she has been eagerly waiting for Bravo’s decision to move forward with a second season. Fans have been waiting for months, but it wasn’t until this week that the network announced that the second season will start airing next year. For months, LeeAnne has been working on getting fans excited about a new season of The Real Housewives of Dallas and it sounds like some people want to see more of Locken.

According to a new tweet, LeeAnne Locken is now revealing that she would love to film more shows for Bravo, even if the network wasn’t going to move forward with The Real Housewives of Dallas. If production decided that the second season would not be happening, one can imagine that LeeAnne would jump on any opportunity to return to the network. She opened up about her past troubles on the first season of the show, where she talked about her carnival childhood and her charity work. Maybe she wants to keep filming a show about giving back.

“My Bravo friends on my timeline. Would not let you down! #RHOD is officially official!” one person wrote, confirming the return of The Real Housewives of Dallas, to which someone replied, “As a former Dallasite, the ladies are remiss in not going to Taco Diner in West Village for mambo taxi margs. Also, I would like a LeeAnne Locken spin off. Or just let her go from franchise to franchise. She’s tv gold!”

And it sounds like LeeAnne Locken would love to film her own spin-off show. And after hearing the pitch, it sounds like she wants people to make it happen for her. But so many other housewives in the Real Housewives franchise may bring in more viewers and may be considered long before LeeAnne when it comes to a spin-off. But that didn’t dim her motivation to make it happen.


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“I WOULD LOOOVE THAT!! How FUN!! What a GREAT challenge!! I love me some GOOOOD CHALLENGES!! #LetsDoIt #RHOD,” LeeAnne wrote back, sharing that she was more than eager to film her own spin-off.

“Kind of like Survivor Real Housewives edition. Great idea!” one person wrote to a Locken spin-off show, to which LeeAnne wrote back, “I’m DOWN!!! LOL.”

One has to wonder what Locken’s spin-off would be about if she was granted a spin-off show. Since she puts charity so high on her list of priorities, one has to wonder if she would just film all of her charitable work, including the events she put together throughout the year and her charitable donations. While Locken is proud of all the work she does, fans of The Real Housewives of Dallas were bored with the heavy charity theme throughout the first season.

This could be why it has taken production so long to start filming the second season, as they were looking to replace some of the housewives to make the show more about the conflicts between the ladies and less about the charity work. But the network has confirmed that the show will happen, but it is still a question of whether Bravo will renew for a third season.

What do you think of LeeAnne Locken’s pitch to get her own spin-off show? Would you want to watch?

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