New ‘Sister Wives’ Preview Shows Drama: Weddings And More Coming In New Season

It is finally time for a new season of Sister Wives on TLC, and the viewers couldn’t be more excited. TLC was quiet about a new season of Sister Wives, and then this past week, they started airing commercials for the new season. People actually got their own exclusive preview to share more with fans about what you could expect this season on Sister Wives from the Brown family. Everyone is trying to get past the catfishing scandal that rocked last season and move on as a family.

In this clip, Kody Brown is seen saying that his goal is just to keep his family together. Of course, this means his four wives and all of the children. This season is going to be full of changes as the viewers get to see the first big wedding on Sister Wives. Madison will be getting married this season, and Mykelti will be getting engaged. Things are really changing for the Browns.

They had a big wedding shower for Madison Brown, and she got a gift of lingerie that really embarrassed one of her moms, Christine. She is going to have to get used to the idea of her daughter being married. Sister Wives fans can’t wait to see how things change this season.

This season on Sister Wives the viewers will finally get to know Mykelti’s fiance, Tony. He hasn’t been on the show much at all yet. Christine Brown isn’t a fan of the way that her daughter acts when Tony is around. In the preview for Sister Wives, she talks about how Mykelti Brown is quiet and reserved when he is around. Kody says that Mykelti getting married will be difficult on him since it is just two months after Madison’s wedding.

It is obvious that Tony isn’t winning over the parents on Sister Wives as he says that they are getting married and not the parents. Kody even explains to him that if they have waited 21 years to have sex, then they can wait six more months to do it.

A lot of this season on Sister Wives is going to be about Madison preparing for her wedding. The preview shows her trying on her wedding dress and her mom Janelle saying she thinks it is just a little too big. Kody will even tell her that he doesn’t think he has ever seen a prettier bride than her on her wedding day.

It does look like things are improving for the wives on Sister Wives. Robyn and Christine Brown are seen talking about how things are going well and even go in for a hug with each other. Janelle and Meri are going to counseling and working on their relationship, but Mariah is seen saying that she told her mom she was getting catfished long before she realized it was really happening. Mariah still hasn’t forgiven her mom for it all.

This is all happening after an inside source shared that Meri Brown just may have found a new man and moved on from her time with Kody Brown. The Inquisitr already shared about how the source said that Meri met a man who lives in Hawaii and even has plans to move and marry him. Only time will tell if this is true because so far the Brown family is staying quiet. Radar Online even shared rumors that all four wives are ready to move on from Kody since he wants to get new, younger wives, but there is no proof that is true.

Are you excited to see the new season of Sister Wives on TLC? Do you think that Meri Brown will end up leaving the family and moving on? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts and don’t miss Sister Wives when it returns to TLC on November 27.

[Featured Image By Meri Brown/Instagram]