Ashley Tisdale: 'Offensive' Sugar Skull Costume Raises Eyebrows

Chanel Adams

Ashley Tisdale and her husband, Christopher French, dressed up for Halloween this past weekend, but their costumes caused some controversy among fans.

The former High School Musical star attended Vanessa Hudgens' annual Halloween bash. Tisdale wore skull makeup on her face along with a black evening gown that had a sheer embroidered bodice. Meanwhile, her husband wore white paint on his face along with a feather necklace around his neck. He kept the rest of his look black and minimalist with a hoodie sweatshirt, T-shirt, and pants.

— Historias de Moda (@historias_moda) October 7, 2016

Some argued that wearing a sugar skull on Halloween is offensive.

"Dia De Los Muertos is not a costume, it's a Mexican holiday and its not something to just dress in even for fun, cultures celebrate it for their family (SIC)," one fan commented.

Meanwhile, other fans argued that Tisdale's sugar skull costume wasn't offensive at all since it's considered a costume in Mexican culture.

"I have Mexican heritage, and I know that even in Central / South American cultures this is a costume. So that makes it quite different from appropriating a cultural identity as a costume, since to that culture it's ALREADY a costume. You might wanna learn about something about this debate so you can be more informed next time you bring up this issue. Some costumes are inappropriate, but I don't think the sugar skull costume fits that category," another fan argued.

According to a report via People Style, Ashley Tisdale and Christopher French's Halloween costumes were a last-minute decision. Maybe, they didn't put much thought into their costumes. On second thought, Vanessa Hudgens and her boyfriend, Austin Butler, dressed up as skeletons rather than sugar skulls. Hudgens took to Instagram to share some of the black-and-white photos from her own bash.

Check out their duet video below.

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