‘RHOC’ Vicki Gunvalson Left With No Friends After The Season 11 Finale, Tells Everyone To Get Off ‘My Show’ [Reunion Sneak Peek]

Vicki Gunvalson hit an all-time low in the Season 11 finale of the Real Housewives of Orange County.

Before it was all over, Tamra Judge, Shannon Beador, and Heather Dubrow confronted the “OG of the OC” about spreading rumors this season. Once the explosive confrontation came to an end, fans were left wondering if Gunvalson will return next season.

According to People, Gunvalson alienated just about all of her co-stars this year.

Not only did she come into the season battling the fallout from Brooks Ayers’ cancer scam last season, but she still refuses to come clean about her part in his scheme.

Even still, some of Gunvalson’s old friends were ready to forgive and move on.

That all changed when Gunvalson started spreading rumors that Beador’s husband, David, is physically abusive and Judge’s husband, Eddie, is gay.

Gunvalson has had a lot of feuds over the years and isn’t afraid to stand her ground against other cast members. The only difference, however, is that she’s always had friends in her corner.

This time around, Kelly Dodd is the only person that is still speaking to Gunvalson, and she has done a poor job making friends for herself this season.

During the cast trip Ireland, Dodd was involved in a few drunken fights with the ladies and was the one who revealed that Gunvalson had been spreading lies about everyone.

In the season finale, Dubrow, Judge, and Beador did not try to make things right with Gunvalson. Instead, it sounded like their friendships with Gunvalson were over.

“I absolutely believe that people are allowed to make mistakes and move on, be forgiven,” Dubrow explained. “But sometimes relationships aren’t salvageable. Sometimes it is time to part ways with someone. I’ve seen who they both are by this point. People teach youth they are – they’ve taught me, I get it. I’m good.”

Dubrow added, “It’s so vile. The two of them – I think, actually belong together.”

'RHOC' Stars Tamra Judge And Shannon Beador Claim Their Friendship With Vicki Gunvalson Is Over 'Forever' [Featured Image by Bravo]
Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge claim their friendship with Vicki Gunvalson is over for good. [Image by Bravo]

Judge had similar sentiments.

“I’ve learned that you have people who come into your life for a reason, and people who come into your life for a season,” she shared. “Sometimes you have to just let people go — you can’t change them. You can only tell them how you feel and hope that they understand that when you hurt somebody, they’re going to walk away. Because I can’t be around it anymore.”

Daily Mail reports that Beador believes that Vicki Gunvalson has had plenty of time to make things right and now is the time to start cleaning house.

“[Vicki] was never apologetic at all for what she said — neither of them were,” Beador added. “This was a year of creating friendships that will last a lifetime, and also taking out the garbage… I’m pretty much ready to move on and close this chapter.”

Despite Gunvalson being trapped in a corner, she refused to back down and claims that she has apologized enough for her actions.

“I did my very very best to say ‘I apologize – I’m sorry for anything I put you girls through,'” she stated. “I thought we were kind of at a place where we could move forward, but this group of women has shown their true colors this year. And I’m tired of people trying to accuse me of wrong doings.”

'RHOC' Star Vicki Gunvalson Still Being Threatened By Cancer Scammer Brooks Ayers [Image via Bravo]
Vicki Gunvalson lost most of her friends the previous season as well after her boyfriend was caught faking cancer. [Image via Bravo]

Gunvalson added that she doesn’t want to keep fighting with her RHOC co-stars and is ready to move on.

Is this a hint that Vicki Gunvalson is thinking about leaving the show next season?

According to E! Online, this is the second year in a row that Gunvalson has ended the season all by herself.

With no friends to lean on for support, Gunvalson might call it quits after this year.

Whatever happens with Gunvalson, it is clear that the upcoming reunion is going to be very intense.

Although Gunvalson is short on friends these days, Reality Tea is reporting that Dodd recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live and told Andy Cohen who she would fire from RHOC.

When Cohen asked Dodd who she would ban, the reality star quickly answered “Shannon.”

Apparently, Dodd still has beef with Beador for trying to get her drunk.

“I knew she was trying to sabotage me for the third time,” she stated.

Cohen also questioned Dodd about her friendship with Gunvalson, to which she added, “She’s always been a good friend to me. I think that she was talked to by these women and they were trying to take her side away from me. But she said sorry to me, she’s been a very good friend to me.”

At least Gunvalson has one friend in her corner for the reunion.

Speaking of the reunion, E! News reports that Bravo just released the first sneak peek at the highly anticipated special.

The drama with Gunvalson takes center stage during the first part of the reunion.

At one point, Beador claims that her husband never hit her while Gunvalson reveals she has “proof” of his abuse.

The clip closes with Gunvalson offering a few words of advice for her co-stars:

“You don’t like me? Bye-bye, Felicia! Get off my show!”

Fans can watch the Season 11 reunion of the Real Housewives of Orange County Monday nights on Bravo.

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[Featured Image by Bravo]