Kate Gosselin Rumors: New ‘Kate Plus 8’ Trailer Shows Her Screaming At Her Kids

Kate Gosselin has long been the topic of many rumors, especially as of late, but not for the right reasons. And the latest Kate Gosselin rumors only continue to prove that she’s a nasty piece of work, as they show Kate incessantly screaming at her children, seemingly for no reason.

According to the latest Kate Gosselin rumors put out by Us Weekly, the first promotional video for the new season of Kate Plus 8, which is set to premiere on November 22, has been released. And from the looks of things, Kate probably wishes that it hadn’t been.

In the video, Kate is shown screaming at her children about the most minor, petty things. Whether she’s screaming about the waffles in the kitchen and the puppies that ran away (that were then recovered) or frightening her children into not playing a simple board game with her (Mady quips that “no one wants to be on Mommy’s team” because she’s too competitive), Kate is an absolute mess.

Us Weekly has the exclusive clip of the premiere, which you can check out at the link above.

Kate Gosselin social media drama

But the Kate Gosselin rumors only continue to get worse, as Entertainment Tonight proves. Later on in the same trailer, Kate is shown completely embarrassing her children, who tell the camera that their mother is “completely overdramatic.” The teenage twins, who seem to not have a problem telling people how their mother embarrasses them, also said that their mother is one who “likes to make a scene” after she makes another dramatic entrance at a museum presentation.

At one point, Mady was so embarrassed by her mother’s behavior that she screams, “I just want you to stop being so stressed!”

And in the same feature by Entertainment Tonight, Jon Gosselin admitted that because his relationship with Kate was so strained, he not only was no longer going to be featured on the show, but he also didn’t have a relationship with any of his children. Not, mind you, that he plans on making any sort of amends to try to make that happen, but he is definitely making the press rounds to let people know that he isn’t seeing his children, because that’s what’s most important.

TV personality Kate Gosselin attends the Barnstable Brown Derby party at the 2011 Kentucky Derby.
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And it doesn’t look like the latest Kate Gosselin rumors are getting any better for her, because according to Blasting News, the mom of eight is dealing with a variety of issues, including eating disorders and body dysmorphia.

This is in direct opposition to what her ex-husband is going through: Jon seems to be getting heavier, to the point of obesity, while Kate continues to suffer from losing weight and an eating disorder.

Blasting News reports, “Kate’s no stranger to strict dieting and workouts. She’s known for being pretty careful about her children’s diets and also her own. So weight loss could be from those alone. But Gosselin also has a reputation for being an attention-seeking obsessive-compulsive, especially about maintaining her cash cow “Kate Plus 8.” The stress of being ever camera-ready could create eating disorders. The continued acrimony of the divorce could as well. Kate bizarrely hinted that husband Jon might even be a pedophile with inappropriate intentions toward daughter Hannah Gosselin. With ideas like that banging around in her head, who knows what unhealthy choices Kate may be making?”

Kate is possibly doing all of this for attention, but it doesn’t seem likely.

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