Text Messages That Sparked Rob Kardashian Criminal Investigation Released

The text messages that ignited the criminal threat investigation into Rob Kardashian have been released online. What exactly did Kardashian say to Blac Chyna’s alleged “other man” that caused the police to get involved?


As the police continue their criminal threat investigation into Rob Kardashian, the text messages that supposedly started it all were leaked online today. Radar Online reported that the man Blac Chyna allegedly cheated on Kardashian with had filed a police report against Kardashian after receiving a string of nasty, threatening texts from the reality star.

Pilot Jones is reportedly speaking with lawyers about pursuing further legal action against Rob. Blac Chyna has denied all claims of her romantic relationship with Pilot Jones, even claiming he was “gay” and trying to “extort” her.


The explosive tweets were released online today and expose Rob Kardashian for threatening Pilot Jones.

“F****t a** b***h this is rob.

“You did the most disrespectful shit ever… this is my wife and you about to get your a** beat by every mexican in la… u f****d with the wrong woman and the wrong dude. this ain’t a game to us…. I will find out where u are…”

Rob did not hold back on any of his harsh feelings against Jones.


aint no goin back now. it’s a wrap.


Pilot Jones actually responded to some of Kardashian’s messages.


“Ok… what’s do u honestly want me to say? Does that really make you feel better?”

But Rob wasn’t looking for any sort of explanation from Jones — he just unleashed his anger.

“u don’t have to say s**t did it make u feel better to send pics and try and expose people through a blog to get yourself some shine when my girl having a baby.”

Kardashian continued to send multiple messages in a row to the actor and singer.

“I hope you religious cuz after I beat your a** with about 30 Mexicans you better hope god lets you into heaven.”

Shockingly, Rob even drops the N-word at one point in the rant.

“I’m gonna have every one of my families repost what me and Chyna are gonna post and blast u so that your career is a wrap and everyone knows what type of fake a** n***a you are and I’m gonna beat ur ass for causing stress to my baby you f**king corn ball!!!

We beat people’s a**ses for looking the wrong way at her and u publicly put out a story that nobody cares about or knows about but you!!!”

Kardashian finished up his threat by saying that Jones would be over and done with by the time he got done with him.

“It’s a wrap for u and after we beat your a** we will all be good and never contact Chyna again you p***y a** n***a.”

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Pilot Jones responded to Kardashian before contacting the police.

“I really hope both of you have a great day! I’m not feeding into any of this. This is honestly not even that serious. I have nothing to lie about or hide.

Exposing someone is not even in my character. In fact, what is there to expose? Nothing.

We’re agreeing on the exact same thing, but obviously you both are too much into your own egos to see that now — not my problem.

If you feel you have to send 30 people to prove your manhood or whatever, go ahead.”

What do you think about the text message threats that Rob Kardashian sent Pilot Jones regarding his relationship with Blac Chyna?

Do you still think there is a chance that Jones may be the father of Chyna’s unborn child? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.


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