‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam Experiences Pregnancy Complications, Will Baby Morgan Be Okay?

There is a JaSam baby on the way on ABC’s General Hospital, but there could be trouble ahead for this growing family. It was an exciting time when Sam discovered that she was pregnant. It was certainly unexpected, but this surprise was a good one, and it looked like the Morgan family would finally have their happily ever after. However, this pregnancy may have some complications along the way. Is this baby in real danger?

On Monday’s episode of General Hospital, everything seemed fine when Sam was at Wyndemere. Well, except for the unexpected appearance of Valentin Cassadine. Sam looked healthy enough, and her baby bump has been growing. However, things will be taking a turn for the worse on Tuesday. In the upcoming previews, Sam is seen clutching her stomach in pain. As posted by Soap Shows, Jason and Alexis are right there by her side when this happens.

Is this an indication that she is about ready to lose this new baby? Viewers of General Hospital are hoping that this is not true at all. Jason and Sam have fought their way back to each other, and it looked like they were right on track with a new baby on the way. Jason has chosen not to go back to the mob as Sonny’s hitman, but he is still trying to make sure that his friend is okay. He has his hands full with Sonny at the moment and now things may just take another downward spiral when his wife is in trouble as well.

It could all be due to the stress of having Valentin Cassadine in town and everything else that has been happening around her. Sam has high-risk pregnancies, so baby Morgan could be in danger, or the pains that she will have may just pass, and everything will be okay for the moment. Things are even more complicated now that General Hospital is still shut down, which is usually where Sam heads to for her and the baby’s healthcare. Even with Franco coming forward to reveal that his mother, Heather Webber, was the person who tried to kill Bobbie and Lucas, there has been no word yet on whether the hospital has been reopened or not.

Pregnancies never seem to go smoothly on soaps. Unfortunately, miscarriages do happen, and even if the pregnancy turns out fine, it seems that fans can usually expect plenty of drama that unfolds during labor and delivery. For Sam, it sounds like her drama has already begun. After all, she is a Cassadine, and she is close enough to the mob wars, so there is always trouble lurking around her.

There is also the Cassadine curse that Helena has bestowed upon her as well. While she tried to dismiss the ridiculousness of it, Sam has had that in the back of her mind since then. The possibility of a curse sometimes rears its ugly head, as executive producer Frank Valentini said, and it comes when she least expects it. Jason and Sam have been thinking about moving out of Port Charles to get farther away from the violence of the mob, but their plans may be put on hold for now.

According to General Hospital spoilers put out by TV Source Magazine, Alexis will continue her drinking, and it could eventually end up hurting her or someone else. Since her mom is on a downward spiral right now, Sam may just want to stick around Port Charles to make sure she is okay. Previous spoilers had mentioned that Jason and Sam would have to deal with the drama of their loved ones and they were so right about that. Between Jason trying to keep Sonny afloat after Morgan’s death and Sam being there for Alexis, these two have their hands full.


Even though the JaSam baby may be in trouble on Tuesday, the next few days will have Jason and Sam going about their business, so it looks like maybe things will be fine for now. Fans are really hoping that the writers will make sure there is a healthy second child for this couple.

Do you think Sam will eventually give birth to a healthy baby on General Hospital? Will it be another boy or a girl this time?

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