‘Love And Hip Hop: Hollywood’ Rumors: Princess And Ray-J Almost Didn’t Get Married, But Was It All For Show?

Finally, an episode that put the “love” in Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood! But in the season finale, we learned that our favorite couple, Princess and Ray-J almost didn’t get married at all. Are the latest Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood rumors about their wedding being all for show true, though?

According to the latest Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood rumors put out by International Business Times, it just might be. Like all reality shows, Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood is a docu-drama, which means that there are parts of it that are, indeed, just for show. What’s most especially interesting about this whole wedding is that Ray-J had no idea — as in, none whatsoever — that Princess wanted to sign a pre-nuptial agreement (though Princess hilariously insisted on calling it a “pre-nub”). Additionally, Princess had no idea that in the state of California a pre-nuptial agreement has to be fully understood and signed by both parties before the marriage can take place.

No matter, though, the duo ultimately walked down the aisle with Ray J’s father officiating and Ray J’s much more famous sister Brandy singing the couple’s wedding song. We’ll see if it really lasts when the Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood reunion airs.

Meanwhile, according to the latest Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood rumors put out by Vulture, even though the show gets a lot of flack (and, rightly so) for engaging in negative stereotypes, one of the things that the show should get credit for — and ultimately doesn’t — is the fact that it’s portrayed “queer sexuality” in a positive light.

For example, as we all know from the season finale, Nikki Mudarris is in a love triangle with Safaree (Nicki Minaj’s ex-boyfriend) and video model Rosa Acosta. It’s easy to see how that can be played for “laughs,” according to the site, but in actuality, the show deals with the complexity of bisexuality in a natural, mature way.

This is how Vulture described it.

“While the docu-soap franchise — which follows the lives of young hip-hop musicians in New York, Hollywood, and Atlanta — isn’t an after-school special by any stretch of the imagination, it stages real and substantive conversations around gender and sexuality in ways the rest of TV hasn’t yet, particularly when it comes to racial minorities.”

Of course, that doesn’t mean that the show is without its fair share of drama. According to the latest Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood rumors put out by Culturess, Princess originally had every intention of putting “Little Brandi” in the wedding party, but then uninvited her completely when Princess felt she was being “shady” about the whole “pre-nub” thing. Think of all the money wasted!

Meanwhile, Teairra had a heart-to-heart talk with Nikki about her plans to change and take things more seriously, but in the words of a great philosopher, “do, or do not. There is no try.” Teairra, of course, believes that she doesn’t have a problem, and told Nikki as much. This, of course, prompts Nikki to have a “come to Jesus” moment with Teairra, and explain that her brother also thought he didn’t have a problem. Then, of course, he died, and he never had a chance to make things right, or to hear Nikki tell him that she loved him one last time. Cue the waterworks.

Yes, folks, this reunion is going to be nothing if not an interesting, weepy mess.

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[Featured Image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for WEtv]