Blac Chyna Dresses Son Up As Rob Kardashian To Demean Him?

Blac Chyna’s son’s Halloween costume proved that this year’s event was going to be different from the start, as mother and son took impersonation of Rob Kardashian to another level. It all started with Chyna, who is due to give birth later in the month, sharing a video on her Instagram page impersonating her fiancé, from the way he dresses to the way he talks when hounded by paparazzi.

In the video, the pregnant model gets one of her friend to act as a paparazzi hounding from behind and asking irritating questions, while she and another friend dressed like “Chyna” tried to run away. While wearing a black over sized t-shirt with black sweats and a fake beard, Chyna pretended to be Rob in the background shouting, “I’m Rob Kardashian! Leave our family alone.”

Earlier in the day, Blac Chyna’s son’s Halloween costume had caused a frenzy online after the young lad decided against appearing as a Ferrari man just to look cool like Rob, according to the Bustle.

“This is the cutest thing ever I must say!! King doesn’t want to be the Ferrari man anymore for Halloween but instead wants to be Rob ☺️☘️!!!,” Chyna captioned a video posted on her Instagram page.

While Blac Chyna’s son’s Halloween costume remained a key talking point on social media, others were left wondering how Rob would interpret the same, given that he was nowhere to be seen throughout Halloween. The Kardashian has developed a tendency of disappearing when needed the most, having recently decided against attending his grandmother’s birthday party as the rest of the family did.

It is also emerging that Chyna’s previous heartthrob, Tyga, was not entirely impressed by his ex, allowing his son to wear a Rob Kardashian costume, according to Hollywood Life.

“Tyga thinks Chyna’s trying to make King forget that he’s his father and slowly trying to replace him with Rob as the father figure. It’s so demeaning and below the belt, and Tyga’s in shock. He cannot believe it,” an insider told the outlet.

Regardless of what Tyga thinks, King Cairo can do whatever he wants, especially given that Halloween only comes once a year. The hip-hop star may have to accept that her ex has moved on and that his son will always be part of Rob’s life since Chyna is the mother of his daughter.

Away from Blac Chyna’s son’s Halloween costume, it will be interesting to see how Rob reacts to the wave of impersonation propagated by his fiancée and stepson. While he is likely to go cool on Cairo, the same cannot be said about Chyna, given the wave of disagreements in the recent past.

Rob missing his grandmother M.J.’s birthday, which Chyna attended according to E! News, has only brought to light the feud behind the scenes between the couple.

“I mean I just think that Rob just has to start being honest. Enough with the excuses, like we’re never going to believe him. If he did not want to come, just say, ‘I don’t wanna come.’ That’s what pi**es me off so bad about him,” Kim Kardashian could be heard saying in one of the latest episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

There were reports that Rob was considering calling it quits on his relationship with Chyna after deleting all his photos on his social media. However, it appears that a sit down with his sisters calmed the storm, the three having asked him to step up to the plate and be there for his pregnant wife.

Given the way Rob is known to overreact, it will be interesting to see how he reacts to Blac Chyna’s son’s Halloween costume and the way Chyna impersonated him and posted the same on social media.

[Featured Image by Raoul Gatchalian/AP Images]