‘Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood’: Ray J And Wife Princess Love’s Wedding Drama, Ray Threatens To Visit A Strip Club? [PHOTOS]

In Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 3, Episode 12, Princess becomes Ray J’s wife and we get to see all the pre-wedding drama. Princess is starting to have doubts and wants a prenup. She discusses her options with her mother, who thinks it’s a bad idea. Princess Love wants her father to walk her down the aisle on her wedding day.

Princess is upset that her father is not responding, and her mother tells her that her father may be feeling guilty about not being there when she was growing up. Princess tells Brandi Boyd her plans to get a prenup, and Brandi decides that she wants to fix things between Princess and Ray J.

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Ray J wants to go through with the wedding after speaking to his dad about their relationship issues. Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’s Brandi Boyd tells Ray J that Princess is talking to a lawyer about a prenup. Ray J is mad that Princess is doing it behind her back, and Brandi is starting to regret telling Ray J, as it may create more problems between the couple just before their wedding.

Ray J and Princess Love have a joint bachelor and bachelorette party where their family members meet – some for the first time. Ray J is still bothered about the revelation that Princess is looking for a prenuptial agreement. He decides to confront his future wife about the prenup, and Princess reveals that she always planned on telling him, but she had not found the right time due to their argument.

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Princess feels betrayed by Brandi and wants to remove her from the bridesmaid list. Ray J tells her that Brandi’s intentions were pure, but Princess is not having it.

In Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, Ray J is confused about Princess wanted to go through with the wedding when she doesn’t trust him. Princess reminds Ray J that his past behavior is the reason that she doesn’t trust him, even though it is the night before their wedding.

Ray J boasts that he could be in a strip club with a bunch of women. He then eventually storms out of his bachelor/bachelorette party with Max. However, Ray J reveals to the camera that he went to his parents’ house to think rather than go to the strip club. Ray realizes that he wants to be with Princess and goes up to her room to talk to her on the day of their wedding.

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Nia tells Ray that Princess doesn’t want to talk to him, and he tells her that he did not go to the strip club. Her friends warn Princess that she cannot walk down the aisle mad at her future husband and they should talk it out.

Ray J tries to tell his mother that her disapproval of the wedding is part of the reason that he is at odds with his future wife. Ray’s mother admits that she is not mad about the wedding possibly not going through. However, she decides to talk to Princess because she can tell Ray wants to marry her.

Sonya Norwood sits down with Princess, who confronts her about her disapproval of their wedding. Sonya tries to convince Princess to go through with the wedding because Ray’s love for her is genuine. Princess and Sonya seem to make amends and have a mother and daughter conversation that ends with a smile and a hug.

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LA rapper The Game tells Ray J that he would not need a prenup if he is sure that Princess is the right one.

During the Love and Hip Hop Hollywood wedding special, Princess tells Ray J that her conversation with Sonya made her feel better and that she still wants to marry him. Many fans of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood feel that Princess just wanted Ray J’s mother Sonya to approve of their wedding.

Ray J tells Princess to go to the courtyard where he left a surprise, which is her father. Princess tells the camera in a solo interview that she has only spoken to her dad only a few times in her whole life. Princess is ecstatic to get affection from her father, who will be walking her down the aisle. Princess is also inspired to have a relationship with her dad since she had a bad breakup with Ray only a year ago and they are getting married.

Anthony Hamilton serenades the wedding guests as Princess walks down the aisle in her beautiful wedding dress.

Ray J breaks down in tears of joy while saying his wedding vows to his wife. Princess Love and Ray J make it official, and the wedding ends up being a joyful occasion despite the pre-wedding drama.

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