Mississippi Halloween Hayride Turns Deadly: Three Killed In Crash, Including Two Children, At Least Seven Others Injured

Tragedy struck a group of revelers in Mississippi on Monday night when two children and one adult were killed when a crash occurred during their Halloween hayride. In addition to the three people killed, several others were injured when a truck crashed into a trailer that had been carrying adults and children for the hayride in rural Mississippi.

Staff Sgt. Andy West of the Mississippi Highway Patrol advised the media that the crash occurred as a Jeep was towing a hayride trailer for Halloween festivities when a Ford pickup truck collided with the trailer from behind at approximately 7:45 p.m. Both vehicles had reportedly been traveling westbound on U.S. Highway 80 in Chunky, which is just east of Jackson, Mississippi, but the trailer had been a flatbed truck carrying many people in the night for the hayride.

“One of the vehicles was pulling a trailer, which was loaded with several occupants. Adults and children were on the trailer. Both vehicles were traveling westbound on Highway 80 when an F-150 collided into the rear of the trailer.”

The Mississippi Highway Patrol says that the majority of the persons involved in the accident had been riding in back of the rear-ended trailer. Although the exact number of persons injured has not been released to the public, Newscenter 11 reported that at least three helicopters landed at the scene of the Halloween hayride crash in order to airlift the injured to the hospital. The publication also stated that they saw at least four persons using the airlift service to be transported to Jackson and Meridian hospitals. At least three ground ambulances, including Lifecare Ambulance and Metro Ambulance, were also reportedly called to the scene of the accident to transport other injured persons.

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Newton County Coroner Danny Shoemaker released a statement on Monday that relayed the two children and adults who were killed on the ride were all related to each other. Shoemaker has also declined to provide the personal information such as names, genders, and ages of the two children and adult who were killed. The coroner did reveal, however, that two of the persons died at the scene of the crash, while the other person died waiting for a hospital helicopter.

While the officers from the Mississippi Highway Patrol have not advised of the exact number of persons injured, WTHR indicated that at least seven people were injured. Highway Patrol Capt. Johnny Poulos revealed that some of those transported to the hospital were suffering from life-threatening injuries. Staff Sgt. West also sent his regards for those affected by and killed during the hayride crash, explaining that everyone in Chunky would likely feel the impact.

“It’s a small community. This is a bad thing to happen anywhere, but when it’s local, it really hits home. These are good people, and our hearts go out to them.”

The population in Chunky is only about 325 and is located in the crook of the popular canoeing site Chunky River, outside Meridian.

Investigators were on the scene up to late Monday night, but as of yet, there has been no word on what actually cased the fatal crash between the flatbed Halloween hayride trailer and the Ford pickup truck. There was also no word on which company was responsible for organizing the hayride for that night. The scene was reported to have been utter chaos.

The investigation is ongoing, and as new information becomes available, we will continue to keep you posted.

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