'Pokemon Sun' And 'Moon' Will Return To Kalos, Hints Pokemon's Official Site

Two new pieces of evidence, one leaked from Pokemon Sun and Moon data and one found in an official trailer for the upcoming games, have further strengthened the case that Pokemon Sun and Moon will be taking players back to the Kalos region.

Those even semi-familiar with the Pokemon Sun and Moon hype train will already know that the bulk of Pokemon Sun and Moon is set in the Hawaii-inspired Alola region. Since before the games were even announced, however, Pokemon fans across the internet have bee hoping that the next installments in the franchise will give trainers the opportunity to return to Kalos in addition to exploring an all-new area.

The feature would not be totally unprecedented, since 1999's Pokemon Gold and Silver let players explore Johto as well as Pokemon Red and Blue's Kanto. And this year does mark the Pokemon franchise's 20th birthday, so fans were hoping for something special to be included in the new Pokemon generation. Even in light of these facts, a return to Kalos seemed unlikely at first. Pokemon has not made a two-region game in 17 years; it seemed rather unlikely they would change their tried and true formula.

In the past few months, though, lots of evidence has come to light that points towards a trip back to a previous region in Pokemon Sun and Moon. For example, the game's file size was revealed by Nintendo Everything to be 3.2 GB, or about twice the size of Pokemon X or Y. More clues have been previously reported by the Inquisitr. Not much really persuasive evidence was found, however, until very recently. In the past week, in fact.

The first piece of new evidence for a multi-region adventure in Pokemon Sun and Moon was part of the data mined from the Sun and Moon demo. As many sources report, the demo provided Pokemon fans with quite a feeding frenzy in terms of information about the new Pokemon titles. Among the finds was a video showing all of the battle intros from Pokemon Sun and Moon.

The first four and a half minutes of the video show intros from locations or specific Pokemon battles already proven to be in Alola -- trial captains, legendary Pokemon, Ultra Beasts, Kahunas, Team Skull, Aether Foundation members, and plain old Pokemon trainer battles. Near the end of the video, after all of the known battles are shown, five more Pokemon encounter intro scenes show up.

The five "post-Alola" intro scenes take place in a sea, a field of yellow flowers, a field of purple and red flowers, a rocky cave, and a field of brown grass. All of these landscapes are prominent in Kalos, notes Pokemon fan and Reddit user Fraudolent. Red flowers on route 21, yellow flowers in the Pokemon Village, rocky cave in Terminus Cave (the Kalos location of Zygarde), brown grass on route 15, and obviously, the sea found all around the map.

The video, posted by Youtuber KazoWAR, is embedded below, and you can view the "post-Alola" Pokemon encounter intro scenes by skipping to 4:20.

Could these five Pokemon battle intros, in combination with the intros already prepared for Alola, be meant for the encounters after Pokemon Sun and Moon players leave Alola to journey around Kalos? It seems possible, given their backdrops.

The second piece of evidence comes from the four-minute-long cinematic trailer The Pokemon Company dropped a few days ago on the official Pokemon Youtube channel. The trailer is a continuation of several previously released Pokemon Sun and Moon videos that tell the story of a young Japanese boy who leaves his homeland (Japan) and moves across the sea to Hawaii. Once there, he makes friends, goes on adventures, and immerses himself in the world of Pokemon alongside his new buddies. In the latest video, the boy has to pack up, leave his friends, and return to his old home.

The story shown in the trailers (you can view the other two here and here) is obviously meant to parallel the story told in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Heck, the Sun from the trailers is even wearing the same shirt as the Pokemon Sun and Moon protagonist. The boy in the trailers also moves to Hawaii, the inspiration for the Alola region.

It is very interesting that Sun returns to his previous home. Is it a hint that the player in Pokemon Sun and Moon will travel to another land, too? After all, the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo revealed that the game's protagonist is just moving to the Alola region from Kanto. In a video on the subject, Pokemon themed Youtuber Verlisify points out that it seems like sort of a sad ending to Sun's story and would probably not be the conclusion of Sun's saga unless it is another correlation to the Pokemon Sun and Moon plot.

Does this mean Pokemon fans will finally get their wishes of being able to traverse two regions in one game again? It is unlikely we will know for sure until Pokemon Sun and Moon are released on November 18, but it is seeming more and more probable.

What do you think? Does this new evidence win you over? Voice your thoughts in the comments section below!

And as always, Train On, Pokemon fans.

[Featured Image by The Pokemon Company]