WWE News: Big Name Taken To Hospital During ‘Monday Night Raw’

With Hell in a Cell a thing of the past, WWE is focused on heading toward and building up Survivor Series which will take place in just three weeks. The build truly began this evening on Monday Night Raw, and some of the key bouts are traditional elimination-style tag matches between Raw and SmackDown LIVE. The biggest match on the card, though, will pit Goldberg against Brock Lesnar and it led to someone heading to the hospital tonight.

Two weeks ago, Goldberg made his triumphant return to the company after an absence of more than a decade. He answered the challenge brought forth by Paul Heyman which was for a match against Brock Lesnar, and the offer was accepted.

Last week, Heyman and Lesnar responded to “The Man” and this week, it was time for the former NFL player to respond again. One big problem is that Heyman decided to confront the former World Heavyweight Champion on his own, and it didn’t end so well for him.

wwe news big name paul heyman hospital rusev goldberg spear monday night raw
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As Heyman was saying his side of things on Monday night, Rusev came out to the ring to confront the former WCW Champion as reported by The Big Lead. Well, Rusev decided to run his mouth and say that he didn’t eve know who the iconic legend was that stood before him.

Then, Rusev decided to take matters into his own hands and threw a punch which didn’t really phase Goldberg one bit. A couple of punches and a knee to Rusev’s gut later and the Bulgarian Brute was lifted high into the air and driven down into the mat with a vicious Jackhammer.

Paul Heyman looked on with big eyes and then proceeded to enter the ring and stand over the downed Rusev. Goldberg may have been done with Rusev, but he turned around and in one swift motion, delivered a violent spear to Heyman which took Brock Lesnar’s business advocate down in a hard fashion.

Obviously, Heyman was in no real condition to get out of the ring and needed to be helped out. That is when a report was listed on the official website of WWE which stated Heyman was suffering from “abdominal pain” and had to be taken to Hartford Hospital.

The official website did say that they would continue updating throughout the night with more information on the condition of Paul Heyman. As tonight’s show was coming to an end, there had not been an update in close to three hours since his trip to the hospital.

Now, the chances are that this is simply part of the storyline for the big match at Survivor Series and that Heyman did not actually have to be taken to the hospital. There will be no advancement for the match on SmackDown LIVE as it is a match with just Raw competitors, but this will tide fans over until next week.

Both superstars in the big match won’t really be on the same show until the episode of Raw on Nov. 14 when they are both scheduled to appear per the Live Events page on the official site for WWE. It may be needless to say, but Rusev probably won’t show his face again either.

wwe news big name paul heyman hospital rusev goldberg spear monday night raw
[Image by WWE]

Paul Heyman was alone this evening on Monday Night Raw and he ended up paying the price for running his mouth as he normally does. Well, Rusev was there, but he didn’t prove to be much of a barrier against Goldberg. Heyman ending up in the hospital may all be part of a storyline, but it’s going to further things along nicely and truly set up a revenge factor for Brock Lesnar as he preps for his match at Survivor Series.

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