Libertarian Nominee Gary Johnson Says Hillary Could Be Impeached, Just Days After Freaking Out At A Reporter [Video]

Just days after coming unglued on a reporter for asking about his tax plan, Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson is jumping on the Hillary Clinton impeachment bandwagon. The move is an apparent attempt to hold onto a semblance of relevance in the 2016 presidential election. In a television interview on Friday and again in a radio interview on Saturday, Gary Johnson commented on the potential fallout of the Clinton email scandal that just won’t die.

As CNN reports, Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson firmly believes that a Hillary Clinton presidency could result in the former Secretary of State being impeached over the ongoing email scandal. On Friday, news broke that the FBI was “reopening” its investigation into Clinton’s use of her private email server during her tenure as Secretary of State. Later in the day, news outlets dialed back the claim that the investigation into Clinton herself was being reopened, admitting that the emails in question pertained to the Anthony Weiner child sex scandal.

Still, the FBI is checking into some newly discovered emails related to Hillary Clinton, and according to Gary Johnson, the nation will have an “agenda” against Clinton if she’s elected. An agenda that the Libertarian nominee claims “may well” end up in her impeachment. Gary Johnson’s comments were made on KNUS radio in Colorado.

“I think unquestionably if [Clinton] takes office she is going to be under criminal investigation, unquestionably this is going to be the nation’s agenda for the entire time she is office and it may well end up in impeachment.”

Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson added more fuel to his critique of the Clinton email scandal, comparing the current situation to “Watergate,” something political rival Donald Trump has done regularly throughout the 2016 campaign.

“This is Watergate kind of stuff. This is really, really deep, real stuff…”

Unfortunately for Gary Johnson, despite his apparent assuredness regarding Hillary Clinton’s post-election fate, his own running mate doesn’t seem to share his opinion. During a Monday CNN interview, Libertarian VP candidate Bill Weld placed the blame for the revamping of Hillary’s old scandal squarely on the shoulders of the FBI, not the Democratic candidate. According to Weld, FBI Director James Comey made a “disgraceful” decision when he opted to send out his questionable letter to congress just days before the general election.

Further, the Libertarian VP candidate said the entire FBI has gone “off the reservation.”

This isn’t the first time that Gary Johnson’s running mate has seemingly turned his back on his party’s presidential nominee. As Think Progress reports, earlier last week, the Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson’s running mate seemingly threw in the towel on his party’s chances of going anywhere in the 2016 election. He further urged supporters to vote against Donald Trump while not mentioning Hillary Clinton by name.

“Gary and I will carry our message of fiscal responsibility, social inclusion, and smaller government through November 8, and I hope that this election cycle will secure for the Libertarian Party a permanent place in our national political dialogue.”

“A serious candidate for the Presidency of the United States must be stable, and Donald Trump is not stable”

“This is not the time to cast a jocular or feel-good vote for a man whom you may have briefly found entertaining Donald Trump should not, cannot, and must not be elected President of the United States.”

In a nutshell, in his October 25 statement, the running mate of Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson seemed to concede that he and his ticket have lost their 2016 White House bid. He urged voters not to throw away a vote that could be used to prevent a Donald Trump presidency.

Just days before, Gary Johnson suggested that a vote for Clinton could be a vote for a drawn-out presidential impeachment.

Ironically, in his statement, Libertarian VP candidate Bill Weld called out Donald Trump for being “not stable” enough to be POTUS. However, just a couple of days later on October 27, The Guardian posted a story that cast Gary Johnson in a decidedly unstable light himself.

The article described a Gary Johnson meltdown caught on tape; reportedly, the incident began with a question about the Gary Johnson tax plan and ended up with the Libertarian nominee screaming in the face of a shocked reporter. Check it out.

For a while this election cycle, Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson’s ticket was doing phenomenally well for a third-party campaign. In August, Mr. Johnson was polling somewhere around 10 percent. However, after a series of awkward gaffes and a seeming lack of knowledge about basic government policy issues (such as what “Aleppo” is), the Libertarian party has fallen to about six percent in recent polls, with some polls showing Johnson below five percent.

Despite widespread American disgust with the traditional two-party system.

What do you think? Is Johnson correct when he predicts that a Hillary Clinton presidency will likely result in an impeachment? Or were Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson’s Saturday statements off base?

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