Mariah Carey Blames Scientology For Her Break-Up With James Packer

While Mariah Carey was counting down to her wedding to Australian billionaire James Packer, she says that Scientology influences were working to come between the two. Carey, who has been married two other times, is pointing a finger at Tommy Davis, former Scientology spokesman, and current business manager to Packer, who she said put James Packer on a detox program they call “purification,” and ordered him to “disconnect” from Carey.

This would not be the first celebrity story of a relationship torn apart over Scientology, according to the Inquisitr. Scientology is said to be what harmed the relationship of Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, and caused their children to think of their mother, Nicole, as a threat to their beliefs. Scientology also allegedly had a hand in the end of Cruise’s two other marriages to Mimi Rodgers and Katie Holmes. Leah Remini wrote in her autobiography that Scientology demands that if a loved one leaves the church, you have to cut them out of your life.


Insiders in Mariah Carey’s camp believe that Tommy Davis and Scientology are poisoning James Packer against the singer, says PageSix. But reps for James Packer say this isn’t true, and that Mariah Carey’s crazy spending, and the drama surrounding Carey’s reality series showed Packer what was to come if the two married.

Mariah Carey was supposedly shocked when she was asked to leave Packer’s yacht in Greece last month, and then ordered to move out of Packer’s Calabasas, California home asap.


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Carey’s reps say the change came on suddenly, and she did not see it coming.

“Mariah and James were looking at homes in Beverly Hills to buy together in August, everything was fine, he was saying she was his soulmate, and he couldn’t wait to marry her. Then suddenly he changed. In September, James suddenly seemed not like himself at all. Mariah is suspicious of Tommy, who has been managing James’ finances, and she suspects he is controlling him.”


Mariah Carey thought that Packer was a “former Scientologist,” but it seems that he is now back in the fold. Carey and Carey’s manager said that Packer seemed to change overnight when Davis started reviewing Packer’s expenses. He brought to Packer’s attention just how much money was being spent on Mariah Carey.

“Tommy started asking James, ‘Why are we buying Mariah this dress for this event? Why are we paying for her hair and makeup?’ She’s Mariah Carey, for goodness’ sake, of course she needs dresses, hair and makeup! Mariah also believes that Tommy advised James not to buy a new home for Mariah, and that he was behind her being ordered to move out of their home.”

Sources for Packer say that he is no longer involved in the Church of Scientology, and that he is not a man that is going to be controlled by anyone. They believe he finally realized that life with Carey was always going to be a three ring circus, and this isn’t for him. Carey can blame others, but the issues were between them, and nobody else.

“James isn’t a man who could be controlled, he is a very successful businessman who is in control of a number of businesses and he has a lot of excellent people working for him. James isn’t the kind of guy to listen to someone else where it comes to his private life. His relationship with Mariah ended because she is a diva, she has an entourage around her, and she’s filming a TV show, which is a crazy world that James doesn’t want to be involved with.”


Entertainment Tonight is saying that regardless of the cause, Mariah Carey is traumatized by the break-up with Packer. She continues to wear her 35 carat engagement ring from Packer, that she does not intend to return, according to sources, but she is said to have moved the ring to her right hand.

Do you think Mariah Carey will work things out with Packer?

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