Woman Has 20 Lovers Buy Her 20 iPhone 7s — She Sells All The Phones And Buys A House

Lovers and partners usually like to buy nice things for their loved ones, and such was the case of one particular woman in China. The thing is, she didn’t just have one lover. No, she was able to get 20 of her boyfriends to each buy her an iPhone 7 as a present. Some may not quite understand why she would need so many iPhones, but she turned them into something positive by selling them all so she could buy a house.

The prices of houses in China is continually on the rise, but one woman found a quite ingenious way of being able to afford one.

According to BBC News, a woman was able to convince 20 of her boyfriends to purchase the costly iPhone 7 for her. Upon receiving the gifts, she turned around and sold all of the phones to a place called Hui Shou Bao, which is a mobile phone recycling site.

She ended up selling the 20 iPhone 7 devices for 120,000 yuan (roughly $17,700 American). With that money, she turned around again and decided to put a down payment on a home in the countryside.

iphone 7 20 lovers china proud qiaoba blogger china xiaoli
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Yes, she turned Apple products into a home.

The tale originates from a blogger by the name of Proud Qiaoba, who wrote about the story on a popular blogging forum called Tian Ya Yi Du. According to BBC News, they were able to confirm the story on their own and realize that it was quite a brilliant method of finding a place to live.

The story centered around a woman only referred to as Xiaoli and not by her real name, which is unknown. Proud Qiaoba states that Xiaoli is a colleague of hers, and she wanted the world to know what she had done because it was quite humorous.

Upon purchasing the house, Xiaoli showed it off to her group of friends, who were confused as to where she got the money for it. She then explained her situation to her friends, who were amazed at how she had worked things to get the money she needed for the house.

iphone 7 20 lovers china proud qiaoba blogger china xiaoli
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Proud Qiaoba wrote that Xiaoli is not someone who comes from a “wealthy family.” Her father is a migrant worker, while her mother is a housewife. She’s the oldest daughter in the family and wanted to help out by being able to purchase a house for the family.

Well, that’s what she did, with Proud Qiaoba explaining, “Everyone in the office is talking about this now. Who knows what her boyfriends think now this news has become public.”

China has a microblogging site called Sina Weibo, where the tale has gone viral. There was even a hashtag circulating that is truthful and quite funny. In translation, the hashtag means “20 mobiles for a house,” and it is getting a lot of traffic.

Social media has seen some interesting reactions, and many of them quite different. There are those who don’t think Xiaoli should have done what she did, as it was by deception. Others are finding humor in it with one person even commenting that she “can’t even find one boyfriend,” but Xiaoli found 20 at the same time willing to spend money on her.

Hard work is something that can get a person far in life, and it can truly help them in making something of themselves. With hard work, they can make a good living in order to provide for their loved ones and buy what they wish. Xiaoli may have received 20 iPhone 7s from 20 different boyfriends and sold those devices to buy a home, but no one can say that wasn’t a lot of work.

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