Albie Manzo Speaks Out On Friendship With Vito: Did Their Blowout Ruin A Friendship?

Albie Manzo may have studied to become a lawyer while he was filming The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but due to his learning disability and struggles to remember content, he decided to stop his education. On Manzo’d With Children, Albie tried various things, including working with his uncle Chris Laurita on his BLK water business and these days, he’s trying to do business consulting. It’s clear that his family wants the best for him and on last night’s double episode of Manzo’d With Children, he tried to move his best friend’s business to the next level.

According to a new Instagram post, Albie Manzo is now revealing that things went sour between him and Vito Scalia after Manzo learned that Vito didn’t want to commute from New Jersey to New York every day to work in his own deli – even though an investor was willing to offer up $1 million to help launch his business. This was something Vito really wanted to do because he could start a family with his wife Lauren and possibly get his own house. But he was still hesitating, and Albie Manzo couldn’t understand why traffic would hold him back from his dream.

“Been through a lot w this guy and we have had each others back since the day we met. Not going anywhere #Manzod,” Albie revealed on Instagram last night, sharing that a blowout with his best friend didn’t ruin their friendship.

Of course, the blowout caused them not to speak to one another for a while and on the season finale, they got to finally see one another. But it sounds like the original disagreement between them wasn’t enough to ruin the friendship. Of course, Vito and Albie Manzo were friends for years before Vito started dating and eventually marrying Lauren, Manzo’s sister. And fans are happy to see that the fight didn’t cause a major rift between them.

“Thats right! Nice to see..great family. Stopped into your sisters salon loved it! I hope Chris isn’t moving soon he’s coming to my school to read his book! Lol,” one person replied to Albie, sharing that it is awesome to see that they could work out their issues, even though they were on different pages.


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After the season finale aired on Bravo last night, Albie decided to thank the viewers for following along this season of the show. But Manzo also hinted that this could be the end of the show, sharing that if he doesn’t see the viewers again, he just wanted to say thanks.

“It’s been a great season. Thank you guys for tuning in and sharing this past year with us. It means more than you know. Oh and in case we don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight. Love you guys! #Manzod,” Albie added on Instagram as the newest season of Manzo’d With Children came to an end on Bravo last night — and fans were eager to share their thoughts on his Instagram post.

“I cried when I was watching the last episode tonight. Very emotional. So glad momma is ok and a beautiful baby will grace you all in the near future. Congratulations,” one person wrote about the season finale, while another added, “Hope you enjoyed your Bday cake! Your reaction to Lauren’s pregnant announcement was great! You are such a cool family! All the best to you & your family!”

What do you think of Albie Manzo’s Instagram post about the end of the season and his friendship with Vito? Are you surprised that they got into a fight, given how much he’s put on the line for his friend’s business?

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