Kailyn Lowry Admits To Giving Up On Her Marriage: Is She Looking For The Next Best Thing?

Kailyn Lowry recently revealed that she was done with her bachelor’s degree and was ready to join the real world and start a career. Lowry revealed that she didn’t have much to stay in Delaware for and she hinted that she was packing up her bags and moving away. The reason why she was in Delaware to begin with was due to her estranged husband’s work, as the Air Force stationed Javi Marroquin in Delaware for training and work. Since they decided to divorce and her schooling came to an end, Kailyn has been thinking about where to move to next. And maybe she wants to move on to a place where she can start over.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now revealing that she needs to stop thinking about things that are clearly out of her control. Is Lowry referring to her failed marriage? Just this past week, tabloids went crazy when they saw that Javi had gotten himself a tattoo of a woman. Many suspected that he had gotten his estranged wife tattooed on his arm, and it is possible that Lowry was freaked out by it.

“Trying not to worry about things I can’t control,” Kailyn revealed on Twitter, adding later, “Never wanted to be the person who gives way more than she gets.”

“Of course u didn’t. U always think of urself first. Always. Even when Joes parents had u in their home. U used them & spit out,” one person replied to Kailyn Lowry, while another added, “it’s true you’ve always thought about yourself first never anyone else! So technically your not that person!”

While Kailyn Lowry could be talking about anything and everything, many fans suspected that she was talking about her failed marriage. Lowry has talked about how she felt that she gave a lot to her marriage but didn’t get a lot back. She’s been primarily referring to her miscarriage, where she felt that her husband wasn’t very supportive of her. While Kailyn Lowry wanted to grieve her loss, Javi wanted to go get a haircut. It was devastating to her, and she felt it was the end of her marriage.


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“People don’t value relationships anymore. Everyone wants instant gratification & are constantly looking for the next best thing,” Kailyn Lowry added last week, to which one person pointed to the obvious argument against her, writing back, “says the women who gave up on her marriage…”

Many people have said that they felt Kailyn Lowry gave up on her marriage, and she has revealed that she didn’t feel the relationship was going anywhere. They were clearly growing apart. These days, Kailyn has no problem revealing that she did give up on her marriage because there was nothing left for her to work on.

“Sure I’ve made mistakes in my relationships. But I know when things can be fixed & healthy. What I walked away from couldn’t be,” Kailyn replied back, admitting that she did give up on her marriage.

Marroquin has been relatively silent about the end of the marriage, but he has been writing a tell-all book about his experiences. It is expected that the book will come out soon, and fans can expect to learn more about his life after his divorce. But he has said that he doesn’t want to slam Lowry because she’s still the mother of his child, Lincoln. Currently, they don’t have a relationship, and they only see one another when they pick up Lincoln from one another.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry’s tweets? Are you surprised that she’s now admitting to giving up on her marriage?

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