Donald Trump Can Make America Great Again: Hillary Clinton Shouldn’t Be Rewarded With Presidency

This admission will come as a huge shock to many people that know me. They will feel confused and maybe hurt that I would admit Donald Trump may be a better president than Hillary Clinton. The fact is, as a die-hard Democrat, I have a hard time trusting her and often wonder if she is using America to further her own agenda. For this reason alone, Donald Trump would make a better president.

Immigration is a huge problem in America. Trump isn’t suggesting that we rip legal immigrants from their jobs, homes, or families and deport them to their original country. He stated that we need to take care of the people who belong in the United States and crack down on illegal immigrants crossing the border without paperwork. If we can get control of the immigration issue, it could help reduce our country’s taxes as a whole.


Like most Americans, Trump is frustrated with Obamacare. He doesn’t want to get rid of universal health care, and instead, he wants to revamp it and bring the premiums down to a manageable level for working middle-class people. He hasn’t detailed his plan too much other than to say he intended to “make deals with the insurance plans to reduce premiums.”

Donald Trump has made a few wildly unpopular statements over the past few months. In the 1990s, he made a series of comments stating that adultery is not a sin and implied that he had no problem with people who cheat on their spouses, the Daily Beast reports. Of course, Donald Trump cheated on a few of his wives, something that led to his divorce with Ivana Trump and Marla Maples.


No one is suggesting that Donald Trump is the perfect GOP candidate. In fact, many have stated that they have a hard time following him because of his personal life or his lewd remarks about women. The fact is, some of those actions and comments happened decades ago. Everyone has done things in the past that they aren’t proud of, and we wouldn’t them to be thrown in our faces 20 or 30 years after the incident. It’s not fair and has no bearing on the person he is today.

Hillary Clinton is a determined woman who has accomplished so much in her career. She was a sounding board when her husband, Bill, was president. Clinton was a senator and the secretary of state during President Obama’s first presidential term. Even so, the public has real trust issues with the nominee.


One of the biggest problems Hillary faces is getting past the email scandal. While the FBI cleared her of any wrongdoing and called her actions “careless,” the public found her actions criminal and wanted her to be punished for compromising national security. Many felt that the act of deleting the emails before her hearing spoke volumes about her character. If that wasn’t bad enough, she tried to break her electronic device with a hammer to get rid of any incriminating evidence, the Daily Caller reports.

Hillary Clinton may believe that she is above the law and can do whatever she pleases without seeing any punishment. Eventually, everyone pays for their dirty deeds, and it’s apparent that she may have pushed a little too far with the email scandal.


Donald Trump promises to make America great again by bringing back the core American values. For many people, it is music to their ears, and they want nothing more than to give Donald a chance to implement his plans for America.


Will Donald Trump’s plan to make America great again be enough to defeat Hillary Clinton? We’ll find out on November 8. Something tells me, it won’t be an easy week for either candidate.

[Featured Image by Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images]