Forget Halloween! Lindsay Lohan Celebrates Christmas Early With Sexy Lingerie Photo

Lindsay Lohan doesn’t have Halloween on the brain. Or, at least it sure doesn’t look like it. She already is dreaming of a white Christmas in her underwear. The troubled actress took to Instagram to post another photo of herself wearing just lingerie.

In honor of Halloween, Lindsay Lohan decided to just post a mirror selfie of herself wearing a pink lace push-up bra and a matching pair of panties, as reported via Cosmopolitan. Lohan called her lingerie ensemble a “Halloween costume” and managed to show off her incredible physique at the same time. She also let her followers know that she was not using a filter in the mirror selfie.

Her photo was met with mixed reaction, as usual. Some of Lohan’s followers slammed her Halloween costume as “slutty,” while others thought she looked “hot” in the lingerie, as reported via Us Weekly. It turns out the ensemble wasn’t really Lohan’s Halloween costume, as she was just heading to bed that night.

Shortly after she shared the photo, she shared a black-and-white photo of herself with her friends along with the caption, “Sorry I couldn’t spend tonight with my beautiful friends. Off to bed before early flight to turkey.”

She did, however, post this photo of herself wearing a skull mask on Instagram.

Lindsay Lohan usually relies on lingerie as her Halloween costume. Last year, she went as a sexy cat, which was a black bra and matching panty set underneath a black lace bodysuit. She then finished off her look with a cat mask and a studded belt.

Lindsay is looking much healthier and happier these days, according to the Hollywood Gossip. It could be because she gained some weight. Earlier this month, Lindsay reportedly had a mini-meltdown when making an appearance at a nightclub appropriately called Lohan. In order to get the crowd’s attention, Lindsay decided to call them out.

“[I have to say] a really important thing,” she said. “I just want everyone to… Shut the f*** up! No, seriously, please. Just stop talking and listen for a second. I’m not going to speak until you stop.”

The crowd continued to cheer, and Lohan was obviously embarrassed by the incident. Other than that little snafu, Lohan has been staying out of trouble. She even ended her engagement to Russian businessman Egor Tarabasov. The 30-year-old actress spent a lot of time in Syria shortly after vacationing in Greece. She has been both vacationing and visiting refugees at camps near the country’s border with Syria.

Lohan has since opened up about moving out of Hollywood to London in 2012, claiming it was the best decision she’s ever made. The actress spoke during an interview on Turkey’s Haberturk TV on Wednesday, October 12. Despite Lohan’s racy photos, she says she enjoys being away from the spotlight.

“In London we have news and Bloomberg all day,” she revealed. “I don’t have, like, Access Hollywood and all these other shows. I don’t see this anymore. For four years now, I don’t see this, and I love it…. This is great for me!”

In the meantime, Lindsay has been in the Christmas spirit lately, reports BBC News. The former pop singer has been urged to “get on a train to Kettering” and “fulfill her promise” to switch on the town’s Christmas lights. The town’s member of Parliament, Philip Hollobone, asked Lindsay to follow through with the message that she would attend Kettering’s Christmas tree lighting ceremony in November.

Lohan almost ruined her chances when she wrote what some deemed an offensive tweet asking where the city is located.

“Sorry, #KETTERING where you,” she wrote on Twitter.

Hollobone responded, saying that inviting Lohan to visit the town for the tree lighting ceremony would “redeem her political reputation,” he said in a telephone interview.

“It’s not nice for any town to be criticized for being insignificant by a world famous celebrity,” he added.

Lohan finally accepted his invitation on Twitter.

[Featured image by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images]