‘WWE Raw’ Preview: Goldberg Returns, What’s Next For Roman Reigns?

Tonight’s edition of Monday Night Raw will probably be full of wacky, Halloween-related skits, and, who knows? Maybe we’ll see the return of The Boogeyman, who always seems to pop up this time of year. But, while we’ll get some wacky, and probably bad Halloween-themed segments, we’ll also get a serious build to next month’s Survivor Series, as Goldberg — who will be wrestling Brock Lesnar at next month’s show — is scheduled to return on tonight’s Raw.

We last saw Goldberg two weeks ago in Denver, Colorado, where he made his first Raw appearance in almost thirteen years. His segment, which closed out the show, was widely regarded as one of the best segments of the year. He showed a ton of emotion when he returned. In fact, he was even moved to tears because of the huge response he got from the live crowd.

Brock Lesnar made his return to Raw the following week, and his segment didn’t go quite as well as Goldberg’s. The segment was actually cut short after the live crowd in Minneapolis, Minnesota — which is where Lesnar is billed from — refused to go along with WWE’s bit, as they chanted for Lesnar during the whole segment. According to Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the crowd’s reaction caused WWE chairman Vince McMahon to “blow a gasket” backstage, which is why the segment ended early.

Tonight’s Raw will be at the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut. Most are expecting Goldberg to be cheered, simply because the show isn’t in Lesnar’s hometown.

There’s a chance that Goldberg will be confronted by Brock Lesnar’s advocate Paul Heyman. But, as of this writing, Heyman isn’t advertised to be on the show. However, he has shown up on shows that he hasn’t been advertised for in the past, and he may do the same tonight.

After tonight, Goldberg isn’t scheduled to be on Raw again until November 14, which will be the last show before Survivor Series. Brock Lesnar is also scheduled to be on that show, so expect WWE to push the November 14 show hard during the Goldberg segment tonight.

Unlike with Goldberg, we don’t know who Roman Reigns’ opponent will be at Survivor Series. There’s a rumor going around that the Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar match will be the only singles match on the show, and if the rumor is true, then Reigns will probably be a part of the Raw vs. SmackDown elimination tag team match.

Reigns is coming off of a successful United States Championship defense over Rusev, and after the match, he teased that he was going to be the next challenger for Kevin Owens’ WWE Universal Title.

The Universal Championship probably won’t be defended until the next Raw pay-per-view, which takes place in December, but, Reigns and Owens will probably be in the ring with one another at Survivor Series. However, they’ll be partners instead of opponents.

Chris Jericho did help Kevin Owens defeat Seth Rollins at last night’s show, so WWE will probably keep the Rollins vs. Owens thing going, although they may put Roman Reigns in the Universal Title picture as well, and, who knows? Maybe we’ll see a tag team match tonight, where Reigns and Rollins team up to take on Jericho and Owens.

We’ll also get the follow up to the WWE Women’s Championship main event from last night’s Hell in a Cell show, where Charlotte Flair regained the Women’s Title by defeating Sasha Banks in Sasha’s hometown of Boston, Massachusetts.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the reason why WWE decided to have Charlotte defeat is because they’re planning to have Bayley challenge for the title next. It’s unclear what they’re planning to do with Sasha, but we’ll probably find out what she’s doing next tonight. In fact, we may get a rematch between Charlotte and Sasha on tonight’s Raw.

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