Beach Boys Music Legend Brian Wilson Reveals Disturbing Child Abuse, Admits To Hearing Voices

Beach Boys music legend Brian Wilson has revealed his disturbing child abuse horror and admits he has been hearing voices ever since taking drugs. Who does the Beach Boys bandmate blame for his life of fear, torment, and mental illness?

The 74-year-old singer-songwriter, who performed hits like “Surfin’ U.S.A.” and “Good Vibrations” with his band the Beach Boys, revealed in his new book, I am Brian Wilson, A Memoir, that he has lived in terror for years and still hears voices in his head.

In the rock star’s memoir, Wilson explained that he had suffered years of brutal abuse at the hands of his wannabe musician father, Murry Wilson. His father died in 1973.

Brian Wilson had two brothers, Dennis and Carl, who Murry forced into forming a garage band with their cousin Mike Love and friend Al Jardine. This band eventually morphed into the infamous Beach Boys.

Brian admitted that his father was a violent alcoholic.

“My dad was violent. He was cruel. He drank too much and became a monster.”

Brian wasn’t the only one who suffered years of abuse during his childhood in California.

“Whenever I got afraid, he would yell at me or slap me or call me a p***y! He’d slap the boys again and again.”

Wilson wrote about how the disturbing abuse took over their lives as children.

“When he wasn’t punching or slapping them, Murry would pop out his glass eye and force his sons to look into the hideous “space where the eye used to be.”

The Beach Boys bandmate revealed explosive information about the band’s early days.

“Once, Brian tried to get back by bringing his dad poop on a plate and telling him, ‘Here’s your lunch.’ Murry told Brian to get into the bathroom, followed him in and ‘whipped the hell out of me. There were hundreds of those times.'”

The Wilson brothers grew up just a few miles from the beach, but the Beach Boys did not surf. Brian wrote that he had tried to learn how to surf when he was pretty young, but he quit after getting knocked in the head with his board.

Despite the fame and musical success that Brian Wilson experienced with the Beach Boys, he explained that he suffered from major anxiety and was tormented by voices he heard in his head.

“For the past 40 years I’ve had auditory hallucinations in my head, all day every day, and I can’t get them out.”

He says the voices started “about a week after I’d taken some psychedelic drugs.”

Wilson also wrote about how he has intense fears and phobias that have severely affected his life. He once spent months in bed.


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Brian mentioned that he turned into an “over-eater” and gained a ton of weight, ballooning to over 300 pounds at one point.

The Beach Boys singer suffered a nervous breakdown after he was taken advantage of by a psychotherapist by the name of Dr. Eugene Landy. The doctor took over his life while charging him $35,000 a month for treatments, according to Radar Online.

“My story is a music story and a family story and a love story. But it’s a story of mental illness, too.”

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