Vicki Gunvalson Exposes Tamra Judge’s Fake Storyline About Her Career?

Vicki Gunvalson has publicly revealed that she doesn’t want to film The Real Housewives of Orange County with Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador. Vicki got caught spreading rumors and telling lies on this season of the show and Tamra and Shannon have said that they are no longer interested in a friendship with Vicki. While Gunvalson is done with her friendships with the ladies, it sounds like she also wants them replaced on the show. But since she can’t choose who she films the show with, she is trying to anger her co-stars in other ways and this week, she took a direct hit at Tamra.

According to a new tweet, Vicki Gunvalson is now questioning whether Judge is still working in real estate. When Judge started filming The Real Housewives of Orange County, she was a stay-at-home mother, but she worked part-time as a real-estate agent. She even worked as a real-estate agent when she launched her fitness studio to help out with some extra cash. However, Vicki Gunvalson doesn’t think that Judge is a serious real-estate agent and she wants to discuss her co-star’s career on social media.

“Tamra is in real estate. She sells homes part time,” one person tweeted in response to an article that hinted that Tamra was on the chopping block for the next season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, to which Vicki Gunvalson added, “She does? Why don’t you ask her what house she has sold recently.”

Last season, Judge did help out with the purchase of her son’s home, and she did make a few deals, but it isn’t something that’s taking up her time on The Real Housewives of Orange County. This season, it has been all about getting ready for her fitness competition. She hasn’t even shown much of her fitness business. And it sounds like some people believe Vicki Gunvalson and they are very willing to throw Judge under the bus.

“The last thing Tamra did with ANY house was get Eddie’s out of foreclosure,” one person wrote on Twitter, sharing that Tamra probably didn’t work in the real-estate industry since securing her home, to which Gunvalson added, “Yep probably. I heard the realtor she filmed with last year hasn’t worked with her since filming #StoryLine.”


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But some people wanted Gunvalson to justify how she seemed to know so much about her former friend’s business, especially since they are no longer getting along or even talking. And some people asked Vicki to clarify her comments about Tamra’s real-estate business, as she recently revealed that she was working on a deal.

“She insinuated on WWHL she was selling one to the guest bartender from Quiet Riot so that’s not true?” one person questioned Gunvalson, who seemed to know a lot more about Tamra’s business than fans.

But when Vicki started talking about faking storylines to stay on The Real Housewives of Orange County, several people pointed to the fact that she was the one calling the pot calling the kettle black.

“Yeah and Vicki gets paid to help her boyfriend fake cancer on the show,” one person pointed out on Twitter, sharing that Vicki may have faked her own storyline last year with Brooks Ayers, to which Gunvalson replied, “OMG WTF are you talking about? I didn’t get paid for that!! HE did what he did on his own.”

What do you think of Vicki Gunvalson’s comments about her former best friend? Do you think she’s trying to get her co-star angry so she will leave the show on her own?

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