Dominique Allen, William Gholston: Missing Indiana Teen Found Dead In Backyard, Sisters Mareeka and Shenika On ‘Justice By Any Means’

Dominique Allen was brutally murdered and dumped in a backyard in Indianapolis two years ago. Authorities say she was killed by William Gholston, an ex-con. Tonight, her sad story will be told by her sisters Shenika Poindexter and Mareeka Allen on TV One’s crime show Justice By Any Means. Shenika Pointdexter and Mareeka Allen fought hard to find their sister’s killer and to make sure that he paid for the crime. On this episode of Justice By Any Means, follow the police investigation as the story is told by Indianapolis police investigators and family members. Right now, William Gholston is serving an 84-year sentence in an Indiana prison.


Justice By Any Means: Shenika Poindexter and Mareeka Allen on TV One
When a high school teen and aspiring model disappears from her front yard in the middle of the night during a sleepover, her guests and family members are baffled about where she could have gone. But as day breaks, the grisly truth leads investigators to the backyard of a neighbor, where a badly burned body is identified as their missing person.
Dominique Allen was found dead in a backyard on the North West side of town in Indianapolis, Indiana, during the Labor Day weekend in 2014. The 15-year-old high school freshman had vanished from the front yard of her sister’s home.

Investigators learned that Dominique was enjoying her friends at a sleepover. After a small spat with her girlfriends, she stepped outside for some alone time. However, she never came back inside the home. Police believed, at the time, that she was abducted by a stranger who took advantage of the opportunity when he spotted the young pretty teen outside.

An autopsy conducted on Dominique Allen’s body indicated that she had been strangled to death, and then her body was set on fire.

The police investigation revealed that Dominique Allen had been kidnapped and driven by car to one home, not far from her house, where she was murdered. Then, her body was taken to the other home, where it was finally discarded.

A man made the horrible discovery that same morning while walking his dog. An Indiana police record explains what happened that morning.

“Police were called to 1108 N. Elder Ave, on a possible burnt body. Upon arrival, the victim, later identified as Dominique Allen B/F/15, a human being, was discovered in the backyard. She appeared to have been hog-tied around her neck and ankles with a coaxial cable cord. She had been set on fire and was partially burned. There was a plastic grocery style bag over her head.”

  • A photo of the home on N. Elder Ave can be seen here.

The killer’s identity was a mystery until DNA evidence came back a match for a recently released convict named William Gholston. The 46-year-old troubled man had a long rap sheet of crimes and arrests, which included illegal gun possession and drug possession.

William Gholston had a creepy past. At the time of Dominique’s murder, it was believed that he might be behind the deaths of three other women who were found murdered. They had all been strangled, according to the Daily Mail.


Shenika Poindexter said that her sister loved nice clothes and had a good eye for fashion. She hoped to become a model someday.

Along with her sisters, Shenika and Mareeka, the community was outraged and hurt by her death. Shenika Poindexter made the following statement, according to Fox-59‘s report.

“(Dominique’s death) took a lot of away from us. We missed everything. She was the last baby. Everything is gone. We don’t have anything. We don’t get to see her for the funeral because of condition of her body.”

Even Anita Swaner-Templeton, one of her high school teacher’s, loved her like a daughter. According to USA Today, the Ben Davis student reached out to her for help, asking for her to be her school mom since her own mother was deceased.

Dominique Allen story is heartbreaking. She was a bright young lady who knew the dangers that the world presented. She tried to avoid them. But trouble literally came right up to her doorstep.


Watch Shenika Pointdexter tonight as she recounts the story on Justice By Any Means at 10/9 p.m. Central on TV One. In another episode of Justice By Any Means, the case of Shirley Ann Smith was highlighted.

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