Miley Cyrus Is The Most Dedicated Coach On ‘The Voice’?

Miley Cyrus isn’t taking her coaching gig on NBC’s The Voice lightly.

While Miley Cyrus is often known for her wild ways and carefree persona, a new report claims the former Hannah Montana actress has taken her role on The Voice Season 11 extremely seriously.

“She’s the show’s most devoted coach ever,” a source close to the show told Us Weekly on October 28. “[Miley Cyrus] has a hand in choosing the hair, makeup and wardrobe for her team, and she goes to all the dress rehearsals when she’s not even paid to be there. Nobody else does that!”

“[Miley Cyrus] cries when she has to eliminate people,” added the insider. “She’s even close to the contestants’ family members now.”

Miley Cyrus was brought to The Voice for Season 11 earlier this year along with Alicia Keys. At the time, producers were filling the empty seats left by Christina Aguilera and Pharrell Williams. Although many expected Gwen Stefani to return to her coaching role as she’s done every other season for the past couple of years, she was unable to film this fall due to her touring schedule, which wrapped up over the weekend.

When Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys joined the show together, fans were treated to the first two-women, two-men panel of the show and next year, the concept will continue with the return of both Stefani and Keys. Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus will return to the show next fall for Season 13.

Earlier this season, during one of the knockout episodes, Miley Cyrus was seen sobbing when sisters Whitney and Shannon were eliminated after singing “I Won’t Give Up.”

As she began to tear up, Miley Cyrus told the audience, “Oh, God, here I go!”

Although Miley Cyrus has been a fun addition to the show, fans will be without her next spring as Stefani reprises her role alongside her boyfriend, Blake Shelton, who has been with the series since it began years ago.

“Gwen wants to come back to the show to be with Blake more,” noted an Us Weekly source. “He can’t stop gushing about her.”

After the casting announcement was made, Paul Telegdy, the president of the Alternative and Reality Group and NBC Entertainment, released a statement.

“We can’t wait to experience the unique chemistry and energy Gwen, Alicia, Blake and Adam will bring to season 12,” Telegdy told Variety earlier this month. “With [Miley Cyrus] returning for season 13, we’re truly ecstatic about the unmatched musical know-how and talent coming together in our coming seasons.”

At this point, it is unknown who will be joining Miley Cyrus for Season 13, but it is possible that Christina Aguilera could return to the show. With the “Dirty” singer having sat out for back-to-back seasons, it make sense that she would be due for a return, but there’s no way of knowing for sure what producers are planning quite yet.

During the 10th season of The Voice, Aguilera was joined by Miley Cyrus, who served as her mentor. So, it would be interesting to see them competing against one another.

While Miley Cyrus has been confirmed as a returning coach, it wasn’t too long ago when rumors began swirling in regard to a potential feud between Cyrus and Adam Levine. In fact, one Radar Online report claimed producers were regretting their decision to bring Cyrus to the show due the fact that she could not get along with Levine.

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