WWE News: Update On Why Charlotte Flair Beat Sasha Banks For The WWE Women’s Title At ‘WWE Hell In A Cell’

Last night at WWE Hell in a Cell, Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks beat the living hell out of each other, with Charlotte walking out the victor to the shock of the crowd in Boston, Massachusetts. Just on the surface, the match was historic in so many ways. Firstly, before the event started, we knew the girls were going to be inside Hell in a Cell for the first time ever. Then, to top that off, they made them the main event of the evening.

This was the first time two women ever main evented a main roster PPV on their own. Women have often seen main events as managers, valets, or even as a part of a match with one or more men. However, they’ve never done so on their own — especially for the WWE Women’s Title. This also means the WWE Women’s Championship saw the main event for the first time on a main roster show.

Sasha Banks made history twice with this, as she was in the first ever WWE PPV that involved two women in the main event when she worked with Bayley in an Ironwoman match last year around this time in WWE NXT. A year later, she did it with Charlotte. Both times, however, Sasha Banks ended up on the losing end despite what fans may have wanted to see.

Charlotte puts banks through table
[image by WWE]

The question remains: Why did WWE have Banks lose to Charlotte Flair? Some speculate that it was due to an injury, as Banks was hurt the last time the title changed hands at WWE SummerSlam and had to leave for a bit due to it. In fact, they even played up her bad back during the match by having her almost carted out of the arena before the match began. Obviously, it did continue, but they played up Sasha’s back for quite some time leading into the event, and of course, Flair would exploit it.

The rumored reason behind this apparently centers around WWE’s issue with their depth chart. They want to continue the Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair program, and they can only do it by having Charlotte take the title back. This brings her to 13-0 in singles matches on WWE main roster PPVs, which is a record no one has ever accomplished in the history of the WWE. Charlotte had to win mainly due to the lack of women there for her to work against outside of Banks for now. PWInsider also reported on the matter, saying WWE may want to start the Banks/Bayley rivalry early. However, this may not work well without the title.

WWE is seemingly trying to save Bayley for a one on one singles match for the title until WrestleMania 33, where she is set to defeat Sasha Banks for the championship, according to reports. The plan may have been all along to have Banks drop the title at WWE Hell in a Cell, but her real-life back injury caused her to drop it earlier than they wanted. They needed to make a program work, so they had to give Banks the title back in order to progress their storyline.

Sasha Charlotte chair spot
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Now that Flair is the champion again for the third time, they have to force a rematch between the two. This could happen on WWE RAW or some time in December, considering the women of WWE RAW will work in a five-on-five tag team elimination match against WWE SmackDown Live’s best five girls at WWE Survivor Series. They could always have a title match before the event, as it is unlikely the title will be on the line that night.

It will be interesting to see where they go with the WWE RAW Women’s Championship heading into November, considering the Survivor Series match could always leave one of the two off the team. There is still a long way to go, but of course, WWE can play up Sasha’s injury to keep her out of the title hunt for a short time and bring her right back into it by December when WWE would want the title to be defended.

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