Jessa Duggar Limits Pregnancy News On Instagram, Focuses On Family Blog, Baby, And Ben Seewald As Jill And Derick Get Revealed On ‘Counting On’

Jessa Duggar is more than halfway through her second pregnancy, but Counting On fans have only heard from her once about it. When she was pregnant with baby Spurgeon, she was posting very regular updates, letting her Instagram followers see her ultrasound, taking various maternity pictures at different stages of her pregnancy, and giving news updates on how she is feeling.

But this time around, Jessa is very quiet about her second baby and is choosing to focus on her family blog, her husband Ben Seewald, and her baby boy. Her last Instagram posts featured baby Spurgeon as he tries his baby dill for the first time.

The one before that was about the latest family blog post that Ben wrote, comparing the movie Thor with the story of Jesus.

There are some rumors that this pregnancy may be affecting Jessa in a very different way. It could be that she is having a lot more morning sicknesses or is facing complications that she would rather not express on her Instagram. However, these have not been confirmed by the Duggars.

Even her announcement of her second baby was a lot more demure than the first. She did show that she and Ben Seewald are thrilled about it but did not release new pictures with it.

“We are overjoyed to announce that Spurgeon has a new title in life as ‘big brother’,” she wrote on her family blog. “We are so thankful that God is adding to our family. 2017 is shaping up to be a wonderful year already and we know Spurgeon will do a great job in his new role. Having Spurgeon has been such a wonderful blessing and we cannot wait to see the face of this sweet new baby (or babies!).”

The last and only picture of her baby bump is the one she uploaded five days ago, which compared her current bump to the last.

Maybe Jessa Duggar is putting a hold on her pregnancy news updates because of the family drama that seems to be affecting the Duggars. In the latest episode of Jill and Jessa Counting On, it was revealed that Jill and Derick’s life in El Salvador is a lot more tumultuous than people thought.

“Every week, it seems like there would be different instances because Derick would preach one night a week a little distance from our house, so I would be at home alone with Israel,” Jill said. “One night, we were getting ready to go to bed, and we heard this loud crashing sound. Derick’s like, ‘You go in the bathroom,’ which is our safe room. We have our laptops, so we were messaging people back home like, ‘Pray for us. We don’t know what’s going on.'”

Having her sister back in the states, for the time being, has also been on Jessa’s mind. While there is a fair amount of friendly competition between Jill and Jessa, it looks like the Duggar sisters are more than glad to be in each other’s company on Counting On.

“We’re all really excited,” Jessa said, according to Us Weekly. “For most everybody, it’s been nearly 10 months since they’ve got to hang out with them and see them in person. Jill and I have had so much in common over these past three years. It’s been difficult for me not to have that connection with her, sister to sister — now mom to mom. So we’re looking forward to having them back.”

Check out Jill spending time with her many sisters!

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[Featured Image by Ben Seewald/Instagram]