Justin Bieber Has A Meltdown: Pop Star Hates His Wax Figure, Hopes It ‘Melts’

Justin Bieber apparently had a total meltdown after he saw his Madame Tussaud wax figure. The singer thinks he is “hotter in real life” than the Madame Tussaud’s figure, and he refused to attend the unveiling event in London.

Madame Tussauds London Unveil New 'Wet Look' Justin Bieber Figure

Radar Online reported that Bieber is absolutely not into the wax figure version of him.

“He thinks it doesn’t capture his essence.”

Apparently, Justin Bieber harbors some serious ill-will towards the newest Madame Tussaud wax figure.

“He is not very happy about it and will not be visiting it anytime soon.”

The insider told the reporters that Bieber refused to attend the unveiling of the figure in London.

“They have given him a moody pout, and he is, like 1000% hotter in real life.”

Madame Tussauds London Unveil New 'Wet Look' Justin Bieber Figure
[Image by Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images]

Justin Bieber was clearly missing from the unveiling of the new Justin Bieber Madame Tussaud “wet look” wax figure in London earlier this month.

LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 09: New 'wet look' Justin Bieber figure is unveiled at Madame Tussauds on October 9, 2016 in London, England. (Photo by Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images)

The new wax figure seemed to be inspired by Bieber’s “Purpose World Tour,” dressing the pop star figure into shorts, boxers, and a white bandana.

Background dancers performed a choreographed routine to Bieber’s hit song “Sorry.” The wax figure repeatedly had water poured on it throughout the exhibit event, which was promoted with the hashtag #ItsRainingBiebs.

The promo video closes out with the phrase, “Get your hands on Bieber.”

Fortunately for Bieber, fans can see him up close and personal in all of his glory during the European leg of his “Purpose World Tour,” which kicked off in London on October 11.


Hopefully, this leg of his world tour goes a little more smoothly than previously.

Perez Hilton reported that Bieber tweeted and then deleted a message to fans regarding an incident at his concert in Manchester, England. Bieber got annoyed by screaming fans, dropped the mic, and walked off stage.


Justin recently deleted the tweet that he posted over the weekend.

“People tend to want to shut you down. What I mean by that is… people try to twist things, some people don’t want to listen. But I simply feel like, if I didn’t use this platform to say how I truly feel, and if I didn’t use this platform to be the man that I know I am, and speak from what’s in my heart, then I’m doing myself injustice, and I’m not doing anybody in this audience any justice.”

The pop star went on to say, “There’s going to be times where I say the wrong thing, because I’m human. But I don’t pretend to be perfect and I hope to God that, you know, I don’t say the right thing all the time because if that was the case then I’d be a robot, and I’m just, I’m not a robot. There’s times when I get upset … times when I get angry, there’s times when I’m going to be frustrated. But I’m always going to be myself on this stage.”

Bieber has been slammed by fans for his recent “fits” and on-stage walk-offs.

“When people try to twist things and say, ‘Justin’s angry at his fans. He doesn’t want his fans to scream’ that’s not at all what I was doing. All I was simply doing was wanting people to listen; to kind of hear me out a little bit. Certain people … certain cities aren’t going to want to hear me out, and you know, sometimes it’s my job to just say, ‘hey, I’m not going to try to force anything.’ I just appreciate you guys tonight, listening to me and understanding, and rocking with me. You guys are truly amazing.'”


While it is not clear why Justin deleted the tweet, at least the pop star finally got to address the situation. Do you think Justin Bieber is going to have any more meltdowns on his world tour? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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