Jennifer Aniston’s Latest Emirates Ad Receives Mixed Reviews, Late Mother’s Caregiver’s Memoir Threatens To Expose ‘The Real Jen’

Jennifer Aniston’s most recent Emirates advertisement is upsetting major American airlines, so it seems.

Emirates’ latest ad shows an enthusiastic Jennifer Aniston and Cooper, a cute little boy, taking the audience on a tour and highlighting the luxurious facilities available onboard the airline. The advertisement also shows the popular actress enjoying lavish amenities offered to economy passengers by temporarily occupying an economy-class seat. Apart from marketing their services to wealthier passengers, Emirates’ commercial aims to target Americans who wish to experience luxurious travel while flying.

Major American airlines could well be perturbed by Emirates’ television commercial because, in recent years, Middle Eastern airline companies have captured the airline market by taking advantage of the state subsidies offered by their respective governments. According to Business Insider, American carriers like Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, and United Airlines, have accused Middle Eastern Airlines (like Emirates) of taking advantage of unfair subsidies and disrupting the international airline market by offering facilities that are not offered by local providers.

However, Emirates have refuted the charge of unfair trade practices levied against them. Jennifer Aniston’s 2015 advertisement was mostly focused on impressing rich customers: those who are willing to pay top dollar for the privilege of enjoying the opulence promised by Emirates. However, the advertisement didn’t have mass appeal, and the actress was criticized for her snobbish attitude.

Emirates’ latest advertisement simply confirms the Middle Eastern airline’s confidence in delivering its classy service to a variety of passengers. Additionally, featuring Jennifer Aniston as their brand ambassador just makes the advertisement even more influential, because Rachel Greene, the actress’s character in NBC’s Friends, has become been a very familiar and much-loved personality worldwide. In fact, Aniston’s Rachel Greene is considered one of the most loveable characters in the history of American sitcoms.

According to News Australia, Boutros Boutros, Emirates’ spokesperson, revealed their reason for selecting the popular actress as Emirates’ brand ambassador.

“We were overrun with requests to see Jennifer again. She has an enduring, universal appeal that is at once sophisticated, but also down to earth — a great match for our brand.”

As a world-famous celebrity, Jennifer Aniston may be regarded as an influential person, however, The Good Girl actress may be shown in bad light in an upcoming tell-all memoir by her late mother’s caregiver. The popular Friends actress had an acrimonious relationship with her mother, the late Nancy Dow, because she perceived her mother to be an unforgiving woman who held grudges for minor reasons.

Jennifer Aniston and Nancy Dow’s rift became known to the public in 1996 when Nancy appeared on the television show Hard Copy, where she revealed her bitter relationship with her daughter. Then, in 1999, the animosity between the two deepened further when Nancy penned From Mother and Daughter to Friends, her memoir in which she wrote about her tenuous relationship with her daughter.

Earlier, Jennifer Aniston revealed that she had always admired her mother’s beauty, even though her mother was always critical of her. The rift between mother and daughter widened to such an extent that, in 2000, Nancy was not invited to Aniston’s wedding to Brad Pitt. However, Aniston has since claimed that she reconciled her differences with her estranged mother before her death.

Now, Nancy’s caregiver is set to expose the unseen side of Jennifer Aniston, whose relationship with her mother she describes as “terrible.” According to Woman’s Day, an insider has revealed that the caregiver’s version of the story is very authentic as she was a personal witness to unpleasant confrontations between Jennifer Aniston and her mother.

“The caregiver was present for the few phone calls and even fewer meetings between Jen and Nancy. She wants to expose the real Jennifer Aniston.”

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