Taylor Swift And Drake Dating Rumors Rile Rihanna Fans And ‘Shock’ Tom Hiddleston

Taylor Swift has provided Twitter with an unusual number of juicy romance rumors in recent months. First fans had the opportunity to share everything from amusement to awe at her hookup with Tom Hiddleston, followed by the bombshell that Taylor’s and Tom’s romance had fallen apart. Now, in the wake of Twitter fluttering over Hiddleswift’s split comes the shock that the songstress reportedly is dating Drake. And not everyone is doing a happy dance over the news.


Rihanna fans are “furious,” pointed out Hollywood Life, which clarified that the dating rumors began when Swift and Drake “flirted” at his birthday celebration earlier this month.

Some fans of Rihanna are hoping that it’s a joke, while others are scolding Drake, 30, for allegedly dating the 26-year-old “I Knew You Were Trouble” singer. Others envisioned how Rihanna might react.


“What the hell is wrong with you DRAAAAAKE!!!! I mean Taylor? Really?” posted one fan.

“Please let this Drake and Taylor Swift thing be a joke…the whole relationship would be weird,” argued another.


However, while some fans of Rihanna alternate among fury, denial, and irony, 35-year-old Tom Hiddleston is “shocked” by the reports that his ex-girlfriend is dating Drake, a source told Hollywood Life.

“Tom is shocked at the news that Taylor was flirting with Drake at his birthday party.”

The insider revealed that Hiddleston’s “jaw dropped in surprise” when he heard about the dating rumors because the songstress “has always had a type of guy she was attracted to and Tom was taken back that she could be into a guy so opposite of him.”

Dating rumors about Taylor Swift are causing drama on Twitter.
Dating rumors about Taylor Swift are causing drama on Twitter. [Image by Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images for TAS]

In addition, Hiddleston is described as “in a bit of denial” about the possibility that his former girlfriend and Drake suddenly hopped onto the hot new couple alert list, added the source.

“Although Tom may wish the best for Taylor, he just doesn’t want to believe it and couldn’t see that one working out.”

As for whether Hiddleston might miss Swift after spending three months as a couple, it reportedly was the “Shake It Off” singer who made the decision to end their romance. She was “uncomfortable with how public Tom wanted their relationship to be,” according to a source cited by Hollywood Life.


But while Hiddleston is described as “shocked,” Rihanna is reported as getting some comfort from Swift frenemy Katy Perry, according to Hollywood Life.


As fans of Rihanna, 28, turn to Twitter to dish about the rumors, Katy is talking in private with Rihanna about the dating drama, a source revealed to Hollywood Life.

“Rihanna wanted to get all the tea from Drake’s party and Katy was the one to give it to her.”

Perry informed Rihanna that the rapper was “so not into” the “Shake It Off” singer, added the insider.


But amid these reports involving the alleged reactions of Tom Hiddleston as well as Rihanna and her fans comes a report from E! News pointing out that while most are unhappy about the rumors of Drake and Swift dating, a group has formed welcoming the new couple, and they have a nickname, Drifties.

“The vast majority of people are not pleased in any way, shape or form about the potential new couple, but, even through the flames, a few diehard #Drifties have emerged.”

Those Drifties, formed of Drake + Swifties fans, remain small but mighty.


And then those who are already anticipating the split.

“If Drake and Taylor Swift are dating, 2017 will be filled with the most depressing a*s breakup songs ever created,” predicted one Twitter user.


In addition to resulting in those rumors cheered by Drifties, Drake’s birthday party resulted in the convergence of two exes. Taylor and her former boyfriend John Mayer were both at the celebration, according to TMZ.

Taylor Swift recently attended Drake's birthday party.
Taylor Swift recently attended Drake's birthday party. [Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for TAS]

Mayer reportedly provided the material for Swift’s split anthem “Dear John.” In addition, Katy was at the birthday bash, but it’s not known if “Bad Blood” started playing when Perry walked.

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]