‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Quinn Battles Ridge And Steffy, Nicole Faces Backlash From Zende, And Wyatt Pleads With His Wife [Updated]

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the week of October 31 tease that tensions will be running high as major decisions are being made. Brooke and Bill were about to exchange wedding vows, but will Ridge’s interference torpedoed the plan to get hitched. Nicole told Maya that she will carry a second baby for her, but then she faced having to tell Zende the news and he was not pleased. In addition, Quinn remains steadfast that she will protect Eric, but his family is determined to get rid of her and Wyatt seems intent on repairing his marriage to Steffy. Where are things headed next?

Bill tried to call off the wedding after Ridge’s stunt, but Brooke convinced him to proceed. As the two were standing in front of the officiant, ready to get hitched, the officiant asks if there are any objections and Bill said that Ridge had ruined the moment for them. Bill insists that he will still be marrying Brooke, but he decided that the nuptials needed to happen separately from the event that Ridge tainted. RJ and Ridge did a bit of celebrating over what they had accomplished, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease that this love triangle may not be over yet.

Nicole intended to tell Maya that she couldn’t do a second surrogacy, but holding Lizzie led her to change her mind, and she said that she wanted to move forward after all. Zende was quite upset when he learned of her deision and he walked out on her. It will not take Zende long to bail on his girlfriend entirely over this, as he will reportedly turn to drinking and hop a flight with Sasha to head to Hawaii.

Soap Central reveals that Rick and Maya will give Nicole an opportunity to back out of the surrogacy, seemingly as they see how upset she is over Zende and these antics with Sasha. However, Bold and Beautiful spoilers hint that the plans will move forward, although many viewers have a hunch that this surrogacy won’t go as smoothly as the first did.

Wyatt will learn about the scheme regarding Brooke getting Bill’s Forrester Creations shares and Bold and Beautiful spoilers from SheKnows Soaps reveal that he will head straight to Eric and his mother to fill him in on the situation. This leaves Eric outraged at his family’s meddling and betrayal once again and he will be confronting his loved ones about these antics. Quinn remains determined to protect her husband, even against his own family, but she is facing some difficult moments at an upcoming event.


Quinn will plan a fashion show that she hopes will be a big hit for Forrester Creations, but she will be facing major pushback from Steffy and Ridge. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Steffy and Ridge will go to great lengths to battle Quinn heading into the event, and things are said to get ugly in front of all of the attendees during the show.

Steffy has walked out of her marriage to Wyatt and she immediately reconciled with Liam, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that she will get her tattoo wedding ring removed and move into the beach house over the course of the next few episodes. She may be ready to plan for the future with Liam, but her husband may not be ready to let go of her.

Wyatt will reach out to Steffy again, telling her that he will do anything to repair their marriage. Previews show her looking emotional and hesitant, but most would find it hard to believe there is a way for these two to repair their marriage at this point. However, there have been hints indicating that he may come up with an ultimatum for his estranged wife that may propel a reunion of sorts, at least a temporary one. Teasers note that Wyatt will work on moving on with his life, even if it’s without his wife, but this may not be an easy task.

Will Bill and Brooke get married after they put this drama behind them or is the moment over? Will Nicole truly give up her relationship with Zende to do a second surrogacy for Rick and Maya? How far will Ridge and Steffy go to try to push Quinn away from Eric, and will it be Liam or Wyatt who is ultimately left brokenhearted by the woman they both love? The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint that things will be quite intense this week and fans will not want to miss any of the action.


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