WWE News: Roman Reigns Wins, Historic Match Falls Short, And Other ‘Hell In A Cell’ Results

Last night’s Hell in a Cell was nothing if not predictable, which is why the latest WWE news about the Raw brand exclusive pay-per-view event shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. So, what happened during Hell in a Cell?

First, of course, Roman Reigns fans will be pleased to know that he’s still the holder of the United States Championship belt, according to the latest WWE news by Bleacher Report. If nothing else, this match proved to be the only way that the two fighters would stay inside the ring because they have a bit of a tendency to take it all out of the ring and into the backstage area, outside of the ring, into the audience, and so on.

And while Reigns is no stranger to the cage — having defeated Bray Wyatt in a Hell in a Cell match last year — Rusev made his cage debut last night. The fight was certainly entertaining, though the bit with the chain was a little over the top. That said, the duo put on a good match. Yet, perhaps a bit predictably, Roman Reigns retained his title belt. Does that mean that he’s going for a Universal Championship belt run next, as has long been rumored?

If so, he’s going to have to succeed where his former Shield teammate Seth Rollins failed and defeat Kevin Owens. According to ESPN’s latest WWE news report, not even Seth Rollins delivering a power bomb to his opponent could throw the match in his favor. And that’s in no small part thanks to the interference of Owens’ frenemy Chris Jericho, who landed a Codebreaker on Rollins to throw the match in Owens’ favor.

This is not to say that Rollins didn’t get his licks in where it counted. To the contrary, Rollins was able to best Owens early on and deliver his own form of vengeance to the fighter for the injury he sustained on the ring apron a few days before Hell in a Cell, which drew a favorable response from the crowd. But that fire extinguisher came in handy for Owens, who was able to hit Rollins and blind a referee in the process, which left the field wide open for Chris Jericho to come on in. The question now becomes, how long will all these good vibes between Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens last? And is Owens setting himself up for a rivalry with Rollins in the future?

Finally, the latest WWE news report from The Independent suggests that while the match between Sasha Banks and Charlotte was historic for its own reasons (remember, it’s the first women’s match to be held inside the cell), it fell short in a lot of other ways.

The women, who were fighting for the women’s title that Charlotte ultimately took home, certainly proved they were worthy of being in the ring with their male opponents, according to the site. And, Sasha Banks’ tribute to the late, beloved Eddie Guerrero was a nice touch, especially since this was her homecoming show.

But Charlotte had the advantage from the start. Ric Flair’s daughter apparently wasn’t going to let her good training go to waste and took siege over Banks from the minute she set foot in the ring. And the women kept pummeling each other until Banks’ back gave out, which Charlotte used to her advantage and bested her using the Natural Selection.

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